The Big Trees

The biggest Eucalyptus tree is not Clint Eastwood’s Blue Gum in Carmel, but the Alexander Cockburn Tree in Petrolia. A team of scientists showed up with measuring devices officially validating and registering its 56 foot circumference, vast canopy, and champion status. Cockburn’s friends in Petrolia gathered at his grave site for a champagne seance (party) […]

The Sixties Turn Fifty

We’re well into the Golden Anniversary of the sixties and I’ve scheduled in the Free Speech Movement’s Reunion in September in Berkeley. I expect to be in Paris with other “soixantehuitards” in 2018 if my body and wits still pulse. These and other celebrations in between are great opportunities to see old friends, relight old […]

Beyond Brown v. Whitman: The Late Great State Of California

California has been depicted as a “failed state”: lead­ing the nation in unemployment, adult illiteracy, lowest bond ratings, the near lowest school scores, most people on welfare, highest number of homes underwater. With most of the rest of the nation, we share the increasing disparity between rich and poor, the loss of high paying jobs […]

How the Lord’s Avenger Read His Bible

At the Bari-Bombing meeting in Garberville Bruce Anderson mentioned a conversation with an FBI agent concerning the Lord’s Avenger letter in which the editor asked him if he’d checked the Bible quotes in a Concordance? The FBI agent asked “What’s a Concordance?” and our editor could only exclaim over the agent’s ignorance. I noticed some […]