‘Viva Mexico! Let’s Go Kill Some Gachupines!’

The clocks are literally ticking as Mexico starts the final leg of the countdown to the 200th anniversary of its independence from Spain. Dozens of huge, solar-pow­ered timepieces have been installed in this monster city’s great Zocalo plaza and 31 state capitols to mark the min­utes until the bi-centennial celebration kicks in this Sep­tember 15th-16th. […]

The Big Scam: How & Why Washington Hooked Mexico On The Drug War

When I first returned to Mexico City in the wake of the great 1985 earthquake, the biggest drug pushers in that distant neighbor nation were Sherwin Wil­liams Paint (“tinner” or “activo”) and Resistol-Dupont glue (“chemo.”) Street kids were huffing down gallons of these pernicious intoxicants in the allies and sewers of this monster megalopolis. A […]

Loose in Obamalandia: Riding the Spine of a Damaged Nation

The snow was already dusting the Organ Moun­tains of New Mexico fringing this high desert town, promising a hard winter further up the spine of Obama’s America. I ride the Mexican bus (officially doing business as the El Paso-East L.A, Limousine Express) when I ply the back roads of the southwest. Greyhound, with its stern […]

Phantom Of Mexican Narco Guerrilla Haunts US Security Chiefs

Mexico City — Last July, in a meticulously planned raid reminiscent of classic guerrilla jail breakouts that are legend in Latin America, a commando group of 20 heavily armed fighters freed 53 comrades from a prison in the northern state of Zacatecas. Were the perpetrators in fact guerrilleros from some as-yet unknown revolutionary foco or […]

Dead Man Walking In California: Loose in Obamalandia

First stop was the near north woods, Humboldt County USA, to wheedle the medicos into granting me a clean bill of health before I hit the road. A year ago this February, my doctor who has poked and probed my old broken cadaver for nearly 20 years pronounced me dead. “Liver Cancer” he parsed gravely […]

We Have Nothing To Lose But Our Walls

We are being walled in. Every second that we stay here, they are adding another inch to the wall they are building along the southern border of this country and the northern one of the next country down. The border wall will eventually extend 1964 miles between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, […]

Privatizing Public Water

Nearly 8% of the planet’s population (400 million people) now drink privatized water — but the numbers are not big enough for the world’s water merchants. Glacial government bureaucracies and increasing non-governmental agency pressure is limiting the growth of their industry. “Water is really an effective product. But the problem is that people used to […]

Who Is An Indian?

This yet mythical realm encompassing Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru is populated by nearly 50,000,000 citizens of their respective republics, 40% of whom (low end estimate) are deemed to be indigenous peoples, perhaps 20-30 million in number — about half of the 60 million (high end estimate) “Indians” who survive in the Americas. When Francisco Pizarro […]

The Sad Saga of Ignacio Chapela

How to destroy Mexican corn, reap maximum profits, and buy a university in one easy lesson… Seated on the balcony of his appropriately professorial office upon a sun-stroked hillock in the midst of the Life Science complex on the hallowed Berkeley campus of the University of California, the controversial Mexican-born microbiologist Ignacio Chapela, an academic […]