Propaganda Fide

Paris was not as he dreamed Rebellion was not as it seemed Witness to a ravaged whore His mother pounding at his door Ignoring her as his mind burned Poor heart dribbles at the stern * * * I’m reading The Day on Fire by James Ullman, a novel written in 1956 inspired by Arthur […]

Death Of Hippie

Hippie met its ugly death In Buena Vista Park; Buried with the smack and meth With candles in the dark; Vietnam the only trip That had the people in its grip. * * * Organized by the Diggers, residents of Haight-Ashbury marched through the streets in early October, 1967, carrying a coffin to symbolize the […]

The Civic Center

Come Fly Away the marquee read, A sign below said, eat the rich, Or, taxiderm them, another said, Ol’ Blue Eyes began to twitch To see the anger of the youth Be led by those who speak the truth.   And like Dylan might have said, When you live outside the law You must be […]

Occupy San Diego

A friend who was an organizer in the 60s and 70s invited me to attend Occupy San Diego “General Assembly” meeting downtown. And give him a ride–he doesn’t drive. It was held at Children’s Park across from the San Diego Convention Center. There were about 100 people there, mostly young. Children’s Park is consists of […]

Movie Review: The Fighter

Hollywood produces frauds From lives that once had meat; No one in the know applauds Hollywood’s latest feat When it produces movies of Redemption. Triumph. Real love. * * * I like watching boxing like I like to watch football. But I always feel guilty because someone’s getting hurt. I watch to see power and […]

Robert Stamps at Kent State

In 1980 I was living in San Diego and I got a phone call from Andy Brody who was down in Mexico City with his girlfriend, Estrella. They were supporting themselves by teaching English. He invited me down knowing I had no job at the time. He asked me to join him to learn something […]


Rednecks fear that hidden gene That’s in somebody’s blood That interferes with lean and mean And Mississippi mud — Or puts the lean and mean in chicks And has men suck each other’s dicks. * * * Gene is my father-in-all. He’s from Oklahoma. His name is actually Homer Eugene and he’s a homo­phobe. And […]

Looking For Captain Fathom

Katheryn and I never did connect with Soren, or Alan Graham. I did deliver the IWW tee-shirt he’d sent me years ago he’d asked me to bring so that he could reproduce it. But I didn’t deliver it to him per­sonally. We dropped it off at a place on his driveway, to an old hippie […]

Frank’s Funeral

 Just back from Frank’s funeral. I’ll never put my friends through that. Frank was Catholic, like most Mexicans. Juanita, Frank’s wife, is Baptist. and Black. So we hauled Frank’s ass in the hearse from one church to the other, putting on the white gloves, and finally to the cemetery. The casket, top of the line, […]

Speed Willy

I met Speed Willy at a commune that I lived in. He was a good guy, but he was a late-comer to our commune and wasn’t into the more spiritual side of the commune. There were 120 of us at Harbin Hot Springs in 1969, and Willy was a realist, not spiritual at all.