Water & Power In The Valley Of The Moon

In Roman Polansky’s Chinatown — arguably the coolest movie ever made about the murky political world of H2O — private eye Jake Gittes never nails the man who murders Hollis Mulwray, the chief engineer for the L.A. Department of Water and Power. The case unravels Gittes. What’s more, the police kill his client, Mulwray’s wife, […]

The Tyranny of the Local

The waiters and waitress at my favorite pizza place in Santa Rosa wear T-shirts that say, “Support Local Produce.” The menu repeats that slogan; it also appears in big letters on a wall for one and all to read. Pizza lovers go there in part because they want to support the local. Indeed, there is […]

Emily! Live!

Dreamers, schemers, dealers and profiteers go to Humboldt County to grow, sell and transport marijuana. They’ve gone there to smoke it, steal it, write and make movies about it. They’ve been going there for nearly fifty years and they haven’t stopped going yet, though creeks are dry, land is increasingly in short supply and law […]

Rave On

The Weather Underground wasn’t as crazy as it seemed, though at the time it seemed anything but sane. On March 6, 1970, three members of a Weatherman cell or collective accidentally blew themselves up in a multi-million dollar apartment building in Manhattan where they were manufacturing nasty bombs: bombs meant to take lives as well […]

Peddling Weed To Those In Need

Do New Yorkers smoke weed? Yes, indeed, and apparently lots of it, though most of the New Yorkers on the new web series “High Maintenance” don’t seem to know where it comes from or how it might have arrived in the city. But that’s all right. The series derives much of its appeal because it […]

‘Search for Truth: The Seeker Begins’

Self-published novels don’t have to be self-indulgent. Bryan Radzin’s one and only self-published novel describes the cross continental adventures of a young, idealistic California journalist who unearths a global conspiracy with the help of his devoted California girlfriend and a gang of good natured guys. Search for Truth: The Seeker Begins borrows from several genres: […]

Tooch Colombo, The Last Great California Hunter

Tooch Colombo isn’t like me, most of my friends and family members. When he wants to eat meat he doesn’t go shopping at Safeway or Whole Foods. At the age of 75, he goes for his guns and heads for the hills where his ancestors hunted for thousands of years. He’s been hunting his whole […]

Up In Smoke: Cannabis Initiative Post Mortem

I spent Election Day at Prop 19 Headquarters in Oak­land, California, and witnessed the final, tumultuous hours of the campaign to legalize marijuana. Not legalize it once and for all. To be precise, legalize possession of one ounce or less by a person over the age of 21, and cultivation in a 25-square-foot area. Fifty […]

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