Change & Transparency

It’s no secret that things at Fort Bragg City Council meetings have been less than pleasant over the last two years. In my opinion, enough is enough. I am fed up with City Council’s blatant disregard for their duties to us as taxpayers. It’s time for taxpayers to speak out.  * * * Dear Mayor […]


So, why is it the “Puppeteers” of Fort Bragg seem to send out their “Puppets” every time something comes up they can’t or won’t deal with? What makes it even worse is the fear factor they are using. This is what is happening in Fort Bragg right now. Let’s remember these people against Measure U are masters of deception. They are making other Social Service groups fearful. You can make people do anything if you make them afraid. You make them afraid by creating an Aura of endless threat. It’s very sad that the “Puppet People” would use the very people they are claiming to protect in order to please the “Puppeteer”.

City Held Hostage By Terrorists

The Fort Bragg City Council meeting was held at Town Hall beginning at 6:00 on Monday April 11, 2016. First on the agenda were the Mayor’s Recognitions and Announcements. Family and friends of the City’s newest employees were present to watch as the employees were introduced to the community. Congratulations go out to: Keyona Martinez, […]

$187k For Grooming Instruction

The March 28, 2016 meeting of the Fort Bragg City Council was held at Town Hall located in Fort Bragg. Council members Doug Hammerstrom, Scott Deitz and Mike Cimolino were present as well as Vice Mayor Lindy Peters and Mayor Dave Turner. Tom Varga-Public Works Director, Fabian E. Lizarraga-Chief of Police, Linda Ruffing-City Manager, June […]

Just In From Fort Bragg

At the January 25th meeting the Council was asked to consider declaring a shelter crisis. Lindy Peters followed by asking that a discussion of declaring a Shelter Crisis be the focus of the next Public Safety Committee meeting. What a farce that meeting was. The discussion was not about a Shelter Crisis but instead about the Extreme […]

Fort Bragg As Ground Zero

I am having a very hard time understanding why this City’s leaders are so hell bent on helping those who obviously aren’t trying to help themselves. And I’m not talking about the few who are honestly looking for a hand up and not a hand out. I am talking about those roaming our streets who […]