Have Fun This Summer At Hendy Woods

The camping season is well underway at Hendy Woods State Park and visitors and locals alike are enjoying the recently renovated Day Use Area. Hendy Woods Community is again sponsoring the Second Sunday free day use entry for local people. We will pay the day use entry fee for residents of Yorkville, Boonville, Philo, Navarro, […]

Hendy Woods Volunteers Enjoy Lunch And Update

Volunteers who have been key in rejuvenating Hendy Woods State Park and ensuring that the park remains open came together with their families at River’s Bend Retreat Center on a beautiful spring Sunday, April 13, for a Thank You lunch sponsored by the Hendy Woods Community. Volunteers have been active stocking and staffing the visitor […]

The Big Redwoods

In a world where things seem to change every couple of years, or every couple of minutes, we are blessed in our community to be able to stand in this meadow and walk in these groves of ancient redwoods and know that they have only modestly changed in the course of a thousand years.

Hendy Woods, The Next 50 Years

When hardware store owner and pioneer descendant Jack Clow was putting together the dedication event in 1963 for the newly created Hendy Woods State Park, it seems likely he would have been surprised to know that a mere 49 years later the state would come close to closing the park and shutting the public off […]

Privatizing Mendo’s Parks?

Park advocates recently got word that the state parks department was seeking authorization to request proposals from private for-profit concessionaires to manage state parks.

It Was (Mostly) Those Women

In May 2011, if you had asked pretty much anyone in Anderson Valley why it was that the ancient redwood groves of Hendy Woods State Park had been spared the axe and sawmill fate that befell most of the original two million acres of giant Coast Redwoods, you would have been told about Joshua Hendy. […]