The Oldest Guy At Burning Man 2017

Mobility Camp at Burning Man exists to get folks out on the Black Rock playa to see art and bright sparkly things when they can’t walk or bicycle long distances in extreme heat. We also get asked lots of questions…which is how we met the oldest guy at Burning Man. There are about 70,000 people […]

3,768 Miles Of Backroad America

I’m weird. I admit it. I go on a 3,768-mile car ride through Eastern and Midwestern back roads and I find the strangest darn things to get excited about, or question. After two weeks on secondary highways and trains what do I carry away with me as my #1 best memory? Collecting petrified wood in […]

The Kate Wolf Festival

Surrounded by depressing news on health care and a non-functional president and congress I decided to escape the real world and treat myself to a weekend away from the media and go listen to great music. About 4,000 other people had the same idea. We went to the Kate Wolf Music Festival at Black Oak […]

Shipwrecks On The Mendocino Coast

As a historian I’ve always been fascinated by shipwrecks, but not in the conventional manner. Yes, there is drama in the ship crashing on the rocks and the exciting rescue of the crew and passengers, but what I like to read about is what washed up on shore. The story of the Mendocino Coast and […]

When Loggers Meet…

Last month the 79th annual Redwood Region Logging Conference (RRLC) in Eureka was attended by thousands of folks of all ages celebrating everything related to logging on the North Coast. The show had everything you’d expect…historical exhibits and equipment from the Timber Heritage Association, Roots of Motive Power, Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, […]

In Search Of Hambone, California

Why, you might ask, would anyone try to get to Hambone, California? Where the heck is it anyway? And what’s there when you get there? If you are married to a railroad fanatic who loves abandoned railroad grades you might find yourself just about anyplace in California…like rural eastern Siskiyou County. The combination for me […]

Accidents In Local Coast History—With Octopus

Historians doing research are always coming up with interesting tidbits that deserve sharing, like a file full of gruesome accidents reported to the local newspaper. I must say, Mendocino Coast residents in days gone by found some unusual ways to maim and kill themselves and these events got excellent newspaper coverage. Good old-fashioned transit accidents, […]

Sunday Drive Over Skaggs Springs Road

My husband an I are firm believes in the old fashioned concept of a “Sunday Drive.” We find a road we’ve never been on, make sure it is traversable given weather conditions, pack snacks and maps, gas up the rig and take off for a mini adventure. This time we chose the Skaggs Springs-Stewart Point […]

Sojourn in Quebec — With Trains

It is seldom a journalist with 40 years experience writing feature stories finds herself at a loss for words to describe a sight seen while on vacation – but that’s where I find myself. I wanted to write a brief sparkling introduction to my latest railroad adventure story but was stymied on how to describe emptiness. We’ve […]

Burning Man’s Playa Pops Orchestra 2016

I love it when a traffic jam of bicycles forms in Black Rock City not for a flaming piano toss by catapults, or a naked body parade, but for classical music performed by the most colorful musicians you’d ever expect to find on the Black Rock Playa. Falling in love with the Playa Pops orchestra […]

Going To See The Fishers

So I got invited to a public shaming…and being a retired librarian and thinking the family to be shamed disgraceful…I decided to do something I’d never done before. Attend. Being a ballot proponent for Measure V in Mendocino County last June, which said standing dead forests are a danger to everyone and passed with 62% […]