Fire In The Backyard

In Comptche there’s nothing like a wave of fire exploding across your neighbor’s fields headed for your home to instill a love for friends, CalFire, and your local volunteer fire department. At home alone, with my husband on jury duty in Ukiah and my daughter off visiting local friends, the Comptche Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) […]

An Elder On The Playa

Why, a reader might ask, would a perfectly sensible woman old enough for Social Security allow herself to leave the peace and quiet of Comptche for a trip into the inhospitable middle of no place in Nevada for the Burning Man Festival? Simple answer? Curiosity. As a retired librarian I’ve always enjoyed watching the human […]

Canadian Panorama

Did you ever hear a folk song that stuck with you the rest of your life? A song full of beauty and wonder that spoke of an unknown world you’d like to see some day? In my starving college student days of the late 1960’s that song for me was Gordon Lightfoot’s “Canadian Railroad Trilogy.” […]

Mendo Arts…Living Treasures

“Living Treasures” are those elders in a community recognized as having special knowledge, learned over a lifetime, that they share with others. These folks usually aren’t rich or college educated but they possess a mental encyclopedia that would put a computer to shame. In Mendocino County we have two “Living Treasures” in the persons of […]

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