Panthers Dominate

Anderson Valley Panthers versus Rincon Valley Christian Eagles, Friday evening, September 27, 6pm. Last Friday night’s football game was a mismatch from the outset in favor of the Panthers. The fall air was crisp and cool for this game in the early fall of the 2013 season. Before halftime, while only a sliver of light […]

Apple Bowl 2013

Last Friday night, the first night of the Fair, the Apple Bowl football game was played after a moving tribute to the veterans of all wars. WWII vets Willis Tucker and Paul Titus were there Tucker’s WWII story is very distinctive: Tucker was born in Alpine, Arkansas but moved to Texas and joined the Navy […]

Sports Talk

The Summer Olympics of 2012 in London were not nearly as good or as exciting as the Beijing Olympics in China in 2008. But the single most thrilling moment in either Olympics was in the closing ceremonies in London when (to paraphrase), the announcement said that the voice of the British Empire over the past […]

Sports Notes

I think every sports fan knows by now that the underdog Baltimore Ravens beat the favored SF 49ers in this year’s Superbowl on Sunday, February 3rd by a 34-31 score. The Vegas oddsmakers originally had the 49ers favored by 4.5 points but money flowed toward the underdog Ravens which dropped the odds to SF 49ers […]

Sports Notes

Last weekend the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Seattle Seahawks 30-28. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Green Bay Packers 45-31. The 49ers will play the Falcons in Atlanta next Sunday at noon. The Baltimore Ravens upset the Denver Broncos 38-35 at Denver. The Ravens kicked a field goal in overtime to win the game. The […]

Sports Notes

Then came the letdown, a huge letdown, a shocking letdown, as the 49ers lost to the Seattle Seahawks in a near blowout 42-13.

Sports Notes

Local boy Jacob Gowan is Stanford’s long-snapper on this year’s outstanding Cardinal football team. He is also a coach’s dream because he is a fine Division I athlete playing varsity football while attending Stanford on an academic scholarship. This allows the football coaches to have an extra athletic scholarship to bring in an extra player. […]

Sports Notes

The SF Giants defeated the Cincinnati Reds, 3-2 in the Divisional 5 game series last week. Interestingly, the Giants lost the first two games at home and then won all three games on the road. Giants manager Bruce Bochy did a great job with his bullpen pitchers to win that series. After the two home […]

NFL Headhunters

When the recording of New Orleans’ Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams’ pre-game speech to his defensive unit about injuring specific players before they played the SF 49ers in the playoffs last season came out, it caused outrage on radio, TV and in newspaper sports. I was struck by the menace in Williams’ voice which indicated he […]

Awards, High School & NFL

Last week the AVA and the Press Democrat published the small school football awards for the 2011 season. They are as follows: All league offensive players, quarterback: Anderson Valley Panther Senior Garrett Mezzanatto, running back: Anderson Valley Senior Panther Omar Benavidas, tight end: Anderson Valley Panther Senior Salvador Gutierrez. All league defensive players: Linebacker: Anderson […]

What’s Next For The 49ers?

Since the NFC Championship football game a couple of weekends ago when the New York Giants defeated the San Francisco 49ers, I have read several sports articles in which the 49er loss was pinned on Giant’s quarterback Eli Manning being superior to 49er quarterback Alex Smith. That is an incorrect reason for the 49er loss. […]