The 49ers

The New York Giants defeated the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 after ten minutes of overtime in the NFC championship game in the rain at Candlestick Park Sunday afternoon. Earlier that same day the New England Patients defeated the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 in the AFC championship game. So both the NFL Harbaugh brothers (Ravens Coach John […]

Harbaugh & The 9’ers

It is clear now that Jim Harbaugh is an enthusiastic and excellent coach. Perhaps, though, that is an understatement. He is an exuberant coach who is smart and crafty as a gridiron tactician and generous with his affection for his players. But he can be very tough with a player when he feels it is […]

Sports Notes

The SF 49er’s spirited and exciting football victory over the Detroit Lions last Sunday afternoon at Detroit by a 25 to 19 score was a very important win. The 49ers overcame 11 penalties against themselves in the first half alone. They were playing like the Oakland Raiders who are usually the most penalized team in […]

Sports Notes

Even though I wrote in this column that the SF 49ers made a mistake seven years ago when they chose Alex Smith #1 in the entire NFL draft over Cal’s Aaron Rodgers, I didn’t believe that Alex Smith was a complete bust. I believed that the first two head coaches that Smith played for — […]

Buster Posey & The Collision

How did we all start to ‘luv de guy’ so fast? Buster Posey was a “throwback” kind of guy. He was humble, earnest, and hard working. He looked like a big boy. There was a softness to his body with small shoulders, and not a visible muscle anywhere. But his coordination was pure as was […]

HGH & Vision

A few years ago our fine editor Bruce Anderson and I read the same article in a popular monthly magazine about steroids and competitive amateur bicycle racing. The article was written by a man in his early 40s who raced in age group classifications. He had average middle-of-the-pack finishes in his races. He was a […]

49ers & The NFL Draft

The way I saw the NFL draft coming down for the SF 49ers was drafting Blaine Gabbert out of Missouri at #7 spot in the first round because Coach Jim Harbaugh has said he was going to install a pure West Coast offense. The West Coast offense quarterback’s skill requirement is accuracy with short to […]

Sports Notes: Coach Harbaugh & The NFL Draft

I’m glad the San Francisco 49ers were able to bring Jim Harbaugh to their team as their head coach. Coach Harbaugh certainly displayed his college coaching ability with Stanford. He made Stanford a relevant and respected football program in the football nation, especially because he recruited Andrew Luck out of Texas and made him the […]

Sports Notes

In one of the early Sports Notes columns, we boldly predicted that Roger Federer would become the greatest player in the history of the tennis. That was almost ten years ago when Federer was 20 years old. I had seen a televised match in which Federer defeated the great American player Pete Sampras. It wasn’t […]

Sports Notes

Congratulations to both Flick McDonald and Steve Sparks for coaching their respective Girls’ Volleyball and Boys’ Soccer teams to Championship seasons for the Anderson Valley High School Panthers. Both of these teams are the result of good coaching and successful programs that endure to produce proud players who are strong and very good. It was […]

Sports Notes

LeGarrette Blount in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers run­ning back who helped to beat the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday. He also was the Oregon Ducks running back who punched the Boise State football player after the Boise State team beat Oregon last year. A white Boise State player was taunting Blount, a black player. Blount […]