The Trustee’s Plagarism

When the Northern Humboldt Union high school board met July 26 to discuss Trustee Dan Johnson’s plagiarized June 13 commencement speech, Board President Mike Pigg apologized for the delay. He said the board hadn’t been able to meet over the summer. However, according to internal school district documents, the board had already spent lots of […]

Marijuana Mirrors In Arcata

The four-dimensional hall of mirrors that comprises US cannabis law has gained some fresh, Arcata-style mutations. Steven Gasparas’ Sai Center marijuajna dispensary in downtown Arcata is in its second month of operation without a use permit at Ninth and I streets in defiance of the City. Most recently, the self-described “pirate” of Arcata cannabis sellers […]

Arcata Student Sign Swipers Nabbed

For months, all manner of signs and banners from throughout Arcata — particularly Northtown — as well as the Humboldt State campus, have been disappearing from their installed locations and, as it turns out, migrating toward a house on lower California Avenue. Residing at the house are Jordan Richard Keeling, from Milpitas, and Robert Andrew […]

Eviction, Migration, Notice of Violation

Arcata’s Sai Center saga saw an eventful week recently as proprietor Steven Gasparas was evicted from his longtime lair, moved his cannabis business to a storefront on a Plaza block without a permit, was served a written warning by the City — and just kept on buying and selling pot. But even as the local […]