This Day In History: February 4, 1968

For many years afterward I’d approach this date with deep, dark trepidation, convinced that some sort of disaster was certain to befall me. The one time, though, that an actual disaster happened, I never saw it coming. That’s not completely true. In fact, I’d sensed an oncoming catastrophe at least as far back as October […]

Spy Rock Memories, Part 2

In my younger days I had a habit that I thought was amusing but which I imagine most people found very annoying. It consisted of making up stories — okay, you could be uncharitable and call them lies — some preposterous, some quite plausible. I didn’t do this for personal gain — not usually, anyway […]

Spy Rock Memories

My first trip up Spy Rock Road must have been late in the summer of 1980. My brother-in-common-law had bought a place at the top of the ridge just below the Iron Peak lookout tower, and was planning to move there with my sister and her two kids, until he ran into some problems with […]

California Was A Golden Dream

On the day I arrived in the Bay Area I got to Ber­keley just an hour or so too late to catch some films at Gilman presented by the multi-talented and ever-lovely Janelle Blarg, but I did get to crash the after-party at Picante, just down the street, where some­thing like 50 people sat at […]

What Else Was Jackson Going To Do For An Encore?

Though I was never a huge fan of the man or his music, there’s no denying that Michael Jackson was prodigiously talented, and if I didn’t enjoy his classic work as much as a few hundred million others did, that’s probably more a matter of my having spent the 80s rather monomaniacally wrapped up in […]