Three Strikes & A Suicide

Dear Editor: The man in the cell next to mine hung himself yesterday. I knew him for almost four years. He had what I have: an unreasonable Three Strikes sentence. They dragged him out of his cell after cutting him down and attempted CPR on him unsuccessfully right in front of my cell. It was […]

Letters To The Editor

DESERVING SWILL BUCKETS Editor, In my opinion, the Supes got it right, voting 5/0 to keep re-investing about $300K a year from Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenue to promote county-wide business and tourism. This represents a match of 50-cents for each dollar contributed by lodging establishments through the 1% Business Improvement District (BID) tax on […]

Letters To The Editor

RECRUITING THE DEAD TO WAGE PEACE Editor: They repose in a verdant park with manicured lawns, bright flowers and splashing fountains near Romaone-sous-Montfaucon, France. They are the dead of the Meuse-Argonne battles in 1918 in Europe’s largest American cemetery. To be exact, 14,246 “doughboys” are interred here, with almost another thousand missing from units that […]

Prison Poetry

Editor, Dateline San Quentin State prison, South block, Alpine section, entry 2: Play now, Pay later. Picking up the pieces one day at a time. I find myself stranded somewhere between nowhere and goodbye. My surroundings are familiar but comfort eludes me. I’m so alone yet my cell feels crowded. I can’t escape this place […]

Letters To The Editor

PULLING TEETH Editor, I was born in 1938. In that year the American Medical Association got the legislation it wanted from the FDR Administration here in the USA. A day that should go down in infamy if nothing else! A day where the US government sided against the American people and took the side of […]

Letters to the Editor

WAY TO GO, NPR! Dear All Things Considered, Many thanks for yesterday’s story about the shocking revelations brought forward by Al Jazeera concerning the astounding offer made by Mahmoud Abbas to the Israelis; for those who may have missed the story, Abbas, who purports to represent the Palestinian people, offered to forfeit all of the […]

Letters to the Editor

SIDEWAYS Dear Mr Parrish, I just now read your “Who Really Rules California’s Wine Country?”, as I am catching up after returning to Massachusetts from northern Italy, where my fiance is from, and whose father 30 years ago was a local wine grower there as a second income to help bring up his family. It […]

David Gurney, Free Speech Hero

A journalist forcibly arrested for recording and speaking at a public meeting is suing the privately funded MLPAI, and state agencies. On April 20, 2010 David Gurney went to a Marine Life Protection Act Initiative meeting in Fort Bragg, California, to record the “public/private” agency that was closing off large areas of state waters to […]

Letters to the Editor

YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW Anybody? How many laws does it take to make and maintain a civil society? The law library of congress says our laws are uncountable. Now, I don’t believe that, but perhaps uncountable is knowledge enough for wisdom. What can law do? And when does it become like trying to clip ones […]

Bruce Anderson vs. Supervisor Kendall Smith Explained

On January 5, 2011 the editor of the Anderson Valley Advertiser appeared before Judge John Behnke, and accused 4th District Mendocino County Supervisor Kendall Smith of padding her expense account to the tune of over $3,000.  The disheveled and rambling Anderson, who mistakenly referred to the defendants as plaintiffs in the courtroom, provided no evidence […]

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