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Posts published by “Letters to the Editor”

19 Reasons to Vote Yes on Prop 19

Prop 19 is a regulatory approach we can live with. The purpose is to mainstream marijuana thru limited adult legalization and local control. That means…

No on Hamburg

Dear Editor: There are recurring questions about Dan Hamburg's qualifications for electoral office. He has had inaccuracies on his financial disclosure declarations now and 18…

Northstone Organics Targeted?

"Next week if they take my medical cannabis I will be pissed off and demand they give it back!" --Angel Raich, Northstone Organics patient Angel…

Leaf Us Alone

Joy Greenfield, the victim of the Covelo DEA raid, was recently at my river garden for a joint interview with a French reporter. For show…

Lemos v. Cruiser

My good friend and former colleague Don Cruiser and I have different opinions on the California Marine Life Protection Act of 1999.

Five Questions for Tom Allman

Will the Sheriff's Office create and post comprehensive written medical marijuana guidelines to deputies to be used in the training of deputies about common encounters between law enforcement and qualified patients at the gardensite, i.e., a primary point of friction?

Letters to the Editor

LOCAL OR LOCOWEED? Editor, The “Superweeds” are here, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article “Superweed Outbreak Trig­gers Arms Race.” It reports that several…

Weaned On Oil

The U.S. Department of Energy says America uses 20 Million Barrels of oil a day. That's 833,333 barrels an hour, a Billion Barrels every 50…

Mendo Justice Failed Vargas

Judge Ronald Brown has put his stamp of approval on child rapists in Fort Bragg and beyond.

Railroading Rexrode

It was Grand Central Station for medical marijuana the night I met Russell Rexrode at the Johnny Winters Music Fest at the Navarro General Store.