O Five Charlie

We were surrounded by southerners at Fort Gordon. I disliked them. I resented their diabolical ability to exploit my chauvinistic northern prejudices about them and shuck me repeatedly.

Adventures In Morocco

The two young Americans were very lucky to have met David on the ferry between Algeciras and Tangiers. Things might have turned out much worse. David was a tall, elegant, cosmopolitan, multi-lingual Brit who befriended the Yanks and wound up being their guide, mentor, and protector. He must have been appalled at their naïvetté. Luis, […]

Resilient Warriors of The Rustic Ranch

Inverness is a picturesque little town on the west coast of Florida about 50 miles south of Gainesville and 25 miles of Ocala. It’s a short drive from the Gulf of Mexico and within a few hours of Tampa, Saint Petersburg, and Sarasota. It borders on the spectacular 46 mile long Withlacoochee Bike Trail, and […]

El Undécimo Mandamiento

All six girls at the place were young and attractive, but Samantha was my favorite. She was lanky, but not homely; she was long-legged, had long dark blonde hair and beautiful greenish brown eyes. Although her English was very good, we spoke in Spanish and I understood every word she said.

Adventures In Salamanca

1977 and 1978 were good years to be living in Spain. El Caudillo, Francisco Franco, had died in November of 1975, and the country was intoxicated with its newly acquired freedoms. A new newspaper, El País, had been born in Madrid, and intrepid young writers like Rosa Montero were scandalizing the country. Montero, criticizing the […]