Killing for Honor

On X-Mas day, 1967, I went to my first and last sermon. We were guarding the perimeter of a forward artillery base carved into some nameless mountaintop in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. For once the sweet sun was out, hot chow was on the menu and I had just scored a pack of marijuana Marlboros. Stoned […]

Global Village Idiots

I’m finally, and fully, tele-connected. My satellite TV gives me access to over 100 channels of programming, and my computer is now part of the worldwide web. With one machine or the other, I can click on about any factoid I want. It’s like having the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution and a catalog […]

My Kind of Campground

I recently spent a few days tent camping at Buckeye campground. Located about eight miles upstream of Bridgeport on the sunrise side of the Sierra, Buckeye is a US Forest Service campground. A pretty good one, too. After rattling up three miles of washboard, you come to four paved loops carved into a forested bench […]

Guns for Goons

In 1968, after serving as a rifleman in Vietnam, I returned to the 82nd Airborne in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Fort Bragg was the home of the JFK Special Warfare Center, and a friend of mine worked there. He had a top secret security clearance, and he used to claim American special forces, on loan […]