Coast Hospital Board Fires CEO Edwards

At the Thursday, January 24th meeting of the Board of Directors for Mendocino Coast District Hospital, Bob Edwards was removed from his position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  In closed session the board voted 3-1 to remove Edwards from his post. One board member abstained from the vote. Logical conjecture would point toward former Board […]

Anna Morrison Reed

In the 1800s women were seldom accorded their own identity in print. Emblematic of that was the newspaper notice of a baby born on New Year’s Day, 1879, in the town of Mendocino. The mother was identified in the local paper by her husband’s first initial and his surname. Anna Morrison Reed was an exception […]

Coast Hospital: Under New Management

The Mendocino Coast Hospital District held their December Board of Directors meeting on January 10th. If that seems puzzling, strap in for further confusion. One of the first pieces of business for the hospital board was electing new officers. With four new board members one wondered for a second who might take charge. The answer […]

Charges Against Coast Hospital/CEO Pile Up

On January 3rd Mendocino Coast Hospital held a special board of directors meeting. The agenda for the meeting appeared straight forward: a short open session to gather public input followed by a closed session regarding a lawsuit filed against the hospital and some of its key, past and present, administrators. Any number of citizens received […]

Life & Family Ties of Gunman Mart Frost

In the 1860s the Frost and Coates families of Little Lake engaged in a running feud that culminated in a shootout outside Baechtel’s Store on election day, 1867. The gun battle lasted but fifteen seconds. One member of the Frost family lay dead afterward and five Coates men perished. Twenty-two-year-old Martin Frost dispatched Abraham, Wesley, […]

Of Lawmen and Lawbreakers

In the 1800s the Mendocino County Sheriff held a second job, that of tax collector. In the autumn of each year this duty entailed traveling throughout the county, gathering thousands of dollars at each stop along the way. For several months in 1879 a band of outlaws conspired in a plot to rob the sheriff […]

Melburne History

A hundred years ago, in 1918, the Melburne Post Office closed, signaling a dwindling end for a once prosperous community along the Comptche Road, about ten miles east of the coast. Melburne’s height of prosperity and population occurred in the last years of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth. Dozens of […]

Tom Bell’s Flat

Along the Comptche-Ukiah Road, east of the nearly forgotten town of Melburne, is a spot known to locals as Tom Bell’s Flat (or Tom Bell Flats). Tom Bell settled there in the 1860s. He made his living as a trapper and spent his years as a bachelor in a small cabin. Near his home a […]

Wayward Cattle

Here, along the Albion River, we are getting some much needed rain. A hard rain often sends our cattle uphill. Unfortunately, some of the current herd don’t have sense enough to stay close to the house half way up that hill where they get treated like babies with bales of alfalfa and grain hay not […]

“Destroy This Document”

This starts innocuously enough with an email from Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) on November 9th announcing the agenda for the November 13th meeting of the hospital’s Planning Committee. Stick with it because there will be punch lines. Emails for MCDH committee meetings go out to dozens of people. A year ago that number was […]

A Slice of Life from 1911

Here on the Macdonald ranch mid-autumn is a time to pick apples. In my youth, keeper varieties were stored in rectangular wooden bins on the kitchen porch. Rhode Island greenings were peeled and cooked into apple sauce or sliced to become part of baked goods. In 1911, when my father was four and his little […]