The High Cost of Labor & Delivery

On January 23, the Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) Board of Directors will hold a special meeting. It will entail a period for comments from the community, three minutes per speaker, followed by a “Study Session regarding the Future of OB Services on the Mendocino Coast.” That item is listed as “Information,” meaning no action […]

John Naulty Returns!

On Wednesday, January 15, the City of Fort Bragg announced John Naulty as the Interim Chief of its police department. Naulty served with the Fort Bragg Police Department (FBPD) during two different stints in the past. He began his career in law enforcement with the FBPD in 1981, rising to the rank of sergeant and […]

The Year Was 1878…

One doesn’t run across references to streptococcus bacteria in news accounts of the 1870s very often. Nevertheless, in a July, 1878 edition of the Russian River Flag, a Nicholas Klink is cited as carrying a hand in a sling due to his being afflicted with erysipelas. That word comes to us from the Greek, meaning […]

Lessons in Skepticism

There might be a significant plot twist coming in the tale of the seemingly impending affiliation of the coast hospital with Adventist Health. Or it might just be a tease to get you to read beyond the autobiographical meanderings.  I sometimes tell people I was born with a skeptical spoon in my mouth or with […]

Another Month Older And…

The case of Hardin v. Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) et al never seems to end. The lawsuit filed in federal court almost two and a half years ago by the Coast Hospital’s former chief human resources officer against defendants MCDH, its then Chief Executive Officer (CEO), its then Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and then […]

Fort Bragg’s Convoluted Hospitality

At the December 9 Fort Bragg City Council meeting, Chief of Police Fabian Lizarraga announced he will be leaving the force effective May 1, 2020. If he stays that long, he will have been on the job for five full years at departure. Previously, Lizarraga spent more than three dozen years with the Los Angeles […]

Livernash, Part 4

Three months after Edward Livernash’s acquittal and a mere week after being severely bruised in a bicycle accident, John Livernash married a young woman, Lizzie Schultz, he’d known since early childhood days in Cloverdale. The wedding took place in that locale. Subsequently, the bride and groom returned to southern California to continue John’s duties as […]

Coast Hospital Affiliation Goes to the Ballot

At a November 22nd meeting of the Mendocino Coast Healthcare District’s Board of Directors (BOD) it took about two hours to come to a foregone conclusion. The Directors eventually voted 4-1 in favor of a resolution to affiliate with Stone Point Health, a subsidiary of Adventist Health (AH). A second resolution, by the same vote […]

Outta the Way, Hospitality Center

At three in the afternoon, November 14, at the Hospitality Center in Fort Bragg (former site of the Old Coast Hotel) a meeting was held on the topic of a winter shelter for the homeless. You didn’t hear about it before hand, you say? No surprise. The leadership at Hospitality Center, specifically the Board of […]

Slouching Towards Affiliation

On Thursday, November 7 the Mendocino Coast Healthcare District (MCHD) Board of Directors (BOD) endured a three hour public meeting, preceded by a two hour closed session. The public meeting was then followed by 35 more minutes of closed session. The next morning the BOD got up to attend yet another meeting of three hours. […]

Settlements & Affiliations

On Sunday, September 22, parties representing both sides of the federal lawsuit Hardin v. Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH), Bob Edwards (former MCDH Chief Executive Officer), Wade Sturgeon (former MCDH Chief Financial Officer), and Steve Lund (former President of MCDH’s Board of Directors and current board member) attended a mediation in the San Diego area. […]