Postponing the Piper

The Board of Directors of Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH), at a May 1 special meeting that lasted approximately three hours, named Steve Miller as interim chief financial officer (CFO). Miller served in the same role from December, 2014 through the late summer of 2015, bridging the gap out of bankruptcy and into the beginning […]

Independence or Affiliation?

Two clearly defined camps have arisen around the possibility of Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) partnering with a larger hospital group. The first camp consists of those favoring affiliation as the only means of saving the coast hospital from financial ruin. The second is made up of those who want to retain independent local control […]

Wanna Buy a Hospital?

On April 11th, new and returning interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH), Wayne Allen, emailed a Request For Proposal (RFP) to five hospital groups in northern California. The proposal amounts to an invitation to another hospital entity to lease or buy MCDH. That institution has been in financial difficulties dating […]

Wayne Allen’s RFP to the Rescue

Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mike Ellis has tendered his resignation. In a memo addressed to interim MCDH Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Wayne Allen, dated April 10, Ellis stated he planned to complete a draft budget for the coming fiscal year before his final day of work at the hospital on […]

Coast Hospital Dilemmas

Turbulent times continue at Mendocino Coast Hospital (MCDH). During a Monday, April 1st special meeting the hospital’s board of directors approved the hiring of Wayne Allen as interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Allen has served the hospital in this capacity before, including for an extended period while the hospital was in bankruptcy. The MCDH Board […]

Unprofessional Governance?

For the first hour and fifty minutes the March 26th Finance Committee meeting for Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) looked like one of the best in years. Then committee chairman and MCDH Board member John Redding went into what he labeled “The Last Word” on the agenda. Redding’s concluding comments took about five minutes to […]

Coast Hospital’s Failing Finances

Mendocino Coast District Hospital’s Planning Committee was scheduled to meet at 5 p.m. on Monday, March 18th. The committee consists of nine members. MCDH Board member Jessica Grinberg was present to chair the meeting. Fellow board member Amy McColley was skyped in well ahead of time. Community members John Allison and Carole White were seated […]

Hardin v. Coast Hospital

Recent filings in the federal lawsuit Hardin v. Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH), Bob Edwards, and Steve Lund have shed new light on matters that precipitated the case as well as the potential financial cost of the suit should the decision go against MCDH, and the tactics being employed by both sides. While the administration […]

Charles Berg of Littleriver

Charles Francis Berg set the lantern on the empty passenger seat. He’d parked the Ford the evening before so he’d be facing forward for this late spring adventure. The light flooded the driver’s side of the Model T. Climbing in and settling himself, he pulled the hand brake all the way back, to lock the […]


It grows to three to four feet in height, with one to nine funnel-shaped flowers. It protrudes a yellow throat and pink flowers above that often sport several purple spots. The stamens are short and yellow. This is Lilium bolanderi, Bolander’s lily. This lily blooms in the early summer and is native to only California […]

The Eliza Bowman Story (Part 2)

In this space last time we covered the early life of Eliza Durbin Bowman. Additionally, the previous piece contained some history of the relations of Indians and whites in Humboldt County in the 1850s and 1860s as well as events in Hoopa Valley in the same time period. Recently widowed, with a handful of children, […]