Charles Berg of Littleriver

Charles Francis Berg set the lantern on the empty passenger seat. He’d parked the Ford the evening before so he’d be facing forward for this late spring adventure. The light flooded the driver’s side of the Model T. Climbing in and settling himself, he pulled the hand brake all the way back, to lock the […]


It grows to three to four feet in height, with one to nine funnel-shaped flowers. It protrudes a yellow throat and pink flowers above that often sport several purple spots. The stamens are short and yellow. This is Lilium bolanderi, Bolander’s lily. This lily blooms in the early summer and is native to only California […]

The Eliza Bowman Story (Part 2)

In this space last time we covered the early life of Eliza Durbin Bowman. Additionally, the previous piece contained some history of the relations of Indians and whites in Humboldt County in the 1850s and 1860s as well as events in Hoopa Valley in the same time period. Recently widowed, with a handful of children, […]

Another One Bites the Dust at Coast Hospital

At the Thursday, January 31st meeting of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) Board of Directors, orthopedist Jack Bellah offered an ultimatum: reinstate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bob Edwards or he (Bellah) would resign. The physician went on to say that he and his wife were making plans to leave the area. Further inquiry revealed […]

Coast Hospital Board Fires CEO Edwards

At the Thursday, January 24th meeting of the Board of Directors for Mendocino Coast District Hospital, Bob Edwards was removed from his position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  In closed session the board voted 3-1 to remove Edwards from his post. One board member abstained from the vote. Logical conjecture would point toward former Board […]

Anna Morrison Reed

In the 1800s women were seldom accorded their own identity in print. Emblematic of that was the newspaper notice of a baby born on New Year’s Day, 1879, in the town of Mendocino. The mother was identified in the local paper by her husband’s first initial and his surname. Anna Morrison Reed was an exception […]

Coast Hospital: Under New Management

The Mendocino Coast Hospital District held their December Board of Directors meeting on January 10th. If that seems puzzling, strap in for further confusion. One of the first pieces of business for the hospital board was electing new officers. With four new board members one wondered for a second who might take charge. The answer […]

Charges Against Coast Hospital/CEO Pile Up

On January 3rd Mendocino Coast Hospital held a special board of directors meeting. The agenda for the meeting appeared straight forward: a short open session to gather public input followed by a closed session regarding a lawsuit filed against the hospital and some of its key, past and present, administrators. Any number of citizens received […]

Life & Family Ties of Gunman Mart Frost

In the 1860s the Frost and Coates families of Little Lake engaged in a running feud that culminated in a shootout outside Baechtel’s Store on election day, 1867. The gun battle lasted but fifteen seconds. One member of the Frost family lay dead afterward and five Coates men perished. Twenty-two-year-old Martin Frost dispatched Abraham, Wesley, […]

Of Lawmen and Lawbreakers

In the 1800s the Mendocino County Sheriff held a second job, that of tax collector. In the autumn of each year this duty entailed traveling throughout the county, gathering thousands of dollars at each stop along the way. For several months in 1879 a band of outlaws conspired in a plot to rob the sheriff […]

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