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The True History of KZYX

Re: Mary Massey's FCC Complaint About Mary Aigner's Having Allowed Some Swear Words To Reach The Air And Also Having A Double Standard. On one…

Not a Dime

Not-for-profit Mendocino County Public Broadcasting has a bookkeeper, so General Manager and self-styled Chief Executive Officer John Coate doesn't have to do the books. It has a program director, so John doesn't have to direct programs. It has an operations manager to manage operations, and an engineer who can be called to come and engineer, and a "business support coordinator" to, I guess, coordinate business. And still John Coate is being paid a salary of, I piece together from various stories, $60,000 a year, the equivalent of 1,200 (twelve hundred!) yearly $50 memberships, to do what, exactly?