Mendo’s Water Mafia

“If you look at the cost of water today that some of our customers have, it’s probably some of the cheapest water in California. Plain and simple.” — Lee Howard, then-member of the Russian River Flood Control District, November, 2013, explaining why he thought the County should squelch John Pinches’s proposal to re-visit water arrangements […]

Promises, Promises

Remember this door hangar which was distributed all over Mendocino County back in 2017? It was in part based on the text of Measure B, Section 5.180.040 Paragraph C: “Conduct an independent annual audit and develop a performance management strategy which measures the effectiveness of the improved services, treatment and facilities and assesses the impact […]

More Thoughtless Facility Spending

County To Finalize Best Western Motel Purchase. Item 5h on next Tuesday’s board agenda: “Discussion and Possible Action Including Adoption of Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Real Property located at 555South Orchard Avenue, Ukiah, California (APN 002-340-3900), in the Amount of $10,640,000, Approving the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for the Property, and Authorizing the […]

The Ralph Johns School of Management

“My job is to kick E-8s in the ass.” — Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) Ralph Johns My first assignment as a newly minted aircraft maintenance officer in early 1968 at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi Mississippi was essentially a training position as Officer in Charge of the Maintenance Analysis section. With a staff of […]

The Training Facility Nobody Wants

Here we are nearly three years after the passage of Measure B and more than a year after the purchase of the Redwood Valley Jehovah’s Witness Church and accompanying residence for conversion into a Training Center/Sheriff’s Substation, and nobody seems to want it, although a training center of some sort was called for in Measure […]

Bad Mondegreens (November 17, 1999)

In the 1950s a kid standing next to me in church was singing along with “America the Beautiful,” ending with “stand beside her, and guide her, in the night, with the light from a bulb.” This improvised improvement drew not only giggles but stern looks from the adjoining adults. It wasn’t until a few weeks […]

County Notes (October 7, 2020)

What happened to the Measure B meeting & video? We asked Measure B Project Manager Alyson Bailey Tuesday what happened to the video of the Measure B meeting on Wednesday, September 23 and got this response: “The IS department is going through some personnel changes and they were unable to film the meeting as a […]

Supes Approve the Impossible

Item 6b on last Tuesday’s Supervisors Agenda was one of the most convoluted items we’ve ever seen on any Mendo Board meeting agenda: “Discussion and Possible Action Including Direction to Staff on Cannabis Cultivation Permitting Priorities Including, but Not Limited to: County Counsel Analysis of State CEQA request, Digital Portal, Cost Recovery for Work Outside […]

County Notes (September 23, 2020)

According to a detailed Sheriff’s budget breakdown for this fiscal year (July 2020-June 2021), the largest expenditure besides base salaries is the County’s contribution to law enforcement retirement. The base department salary budget is about $8.1 million, the county contribution to law enforcement retirement is a little over $4.1 million. On top of that there’s […]

The Woman Who Refused To Leave?

A little after noon on Monday, residents of the Third Gate Road area heard a loud boom near the junction of Third Gate and Sherwood Road north of Willits. A few minutes later neighbors were calling neighbors as a plume of black smoke arose from the vicinity of the explosion. Soon, Sheriff Matt Kendall, fearing […]

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