‘Gouging People Who Don’t Participate’

We couldn’t help laughing several times during the Board of Supervisor’s Cannabis Tax Appeal Board discussion on Tuesday. (Humor is where you find it, and this particular source never disappoints.) First, during public expression, there was Fort Bragg grower Jude Tillman of Fort Bragg’s making a perfectly reasonable request for a refund. She’d paid lots […]

State Attorney General Opposes North Cliff (Apr. 21, 1999)

The City of Fort Bragg, the Coastal Commission and the State Attorney General’s office have combined to answer Dominic Affinito’s suit against Fort Bragg alleging that Fort Bragg has arbitrarily refused to allow Affinito to open his North Cliff Motel. Fort Bragg, the Coastal Commission and the Attorney General, acting on behalf of the Coastal […]

County Budget Notes

No problemo! Negativity has been vanquished! That was overall the takeaway from Tuesday’s first-day of the well-choreographed budget presentation for the July 2019-June 2020 budget year.

Up In Smoke

The the following zen communication was inserted into the “Summary of Changes in the FY2019-2020 Proposed Budget” presented to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday: “The Cannabis Business Tax under performed in FY 2017-18 resulting in a 38.5% reduction in projections for FY 2018-19. The FY 2018-19 Cannabis Business Tax actuals of $1,296,125 resulted in […]


As a former bar piano man, I’ve experienced both the pleasure and the pain of vamping. Good singers not only can extract great humor and expectation out of a vamp, but they make the final product

Snap, Snap Goes the Gjerde

Back in October of 2017, a labor consulting outfit called Koff and Associates was given $100k to do study of county wages and salaries to compare them to other jurisdictions.  If you’re wondering why the leadership wouldn’t know by now that Mendo employees have been leaving county employment for many years for cash-greener pastures to […]

Biloxi Days: The Barracks Visit

I arrived at Lackland Air Force Base outside of San Antonio for Officer Training School in November of 1967. For reasons known only to my recruiter in Fresno, I was two weeks early for 90 days of instruction, after which I would emerge as a “90 day wonder,” a Second Lieutenant or “brown bar” as […]

Blind Men with Box Cutters (June 11, 2003)

As predicted, County Administrator Jim Andersen has suggested to the Board of Supervisors that they lay off several low level county workers to balance the county budget. Highly paid county employees are safe, including Andersen’s prize fiscal year catch, the unbalanced Ralph Freedman, director of the county’s deadbeat dad collections. Freedman, paid some $100,000 a […]

Emergency Services News

EOA Coming Apart at the Seams; Ambulance Staffing Problems; Siren Test Fails Miserably; Forest Service Refusing to Reimburse Local Fire Agencies for Strike Teams. Plus: Fire Department’s Popular “Living With Wildfire” Series; and a New Tent Application Process. The “Exclusive Operating Area” for inland ambulance services is starting to come apart at the seams. Not […]

Motion Creep

At present, Mendo maintains an Excel spreadsheet of the pesticides, herbicides and insecticides deployed by Mendocino County “Agriculture”

Pot Permits: ‘Blocked By Inaction’

During last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Ted Williams asked cannabis program manager Sean Connell if he could produce a monthly graph showing pot permit processing status by permit category. After a silent pause, Williams quickly gave up, probably realizing that county staff is incapable of producing monthly status reports on anything, without even […]

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