Mendo’s Climate Diversity Committee

If you were wondering whether Mendo’s recently approved “Climate Action Advisory Committee” is making any headway, you might find the following exchange at last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting instructive.  The committee, still in the early stages of formation, in typical Mendo Big Think, is charged with making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors to […]

County Notes (Aug. 7, 2019)

THE CEO’S freshly released response to June’s Grand Jury report which was entitled “Who Runs Mendocino County” is out. The CEO’s response is predictably non-responsive, simply a run down of how the Grand Jury is eithier mistaken or somehow didn’t realize how much wonderful reporting she’s already doing. However, one item which we’ve often brought […]

A New Pot Permit Category!

Last Tuesday, Supervisor Ted Williams asked Planning and Building Director Brent Schultz, again (sigh), about the status of pot permit processing, commenting that “it looks like noise, three or four in the course of a month. Do we have any better sense of where the logjam is? Is it truly the state, or is it […]

Mendo v. PG&E

PG&E’s designated Flak Catcher at last Tuesday’s Supervisor meeting was a young guy named Matt Pender with the impressive sounding title of “Director, Community Wildfire Safety Program Program Management Office.” It quickly became obvious that he was only there to insulate the real big shots at PG&E from a barrage of pointed questions from the […]

PG&E Hates Us

ON TUESDAY at 1:30pm a Timed Supervisors Agenda Item on the is entitled: “Discussion and Possible Action Including Acceptance of Presentation by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Regarding the New Safety Initiative, Public Safety Power Shutoff Program and an Update Regarding the County’s Associated Preparation.” “Acceptance”?  What if the Board doesn’t like it? What if […]

Grand Jury Decries Measure B Delays, But…

It was good that the Grand Jury looked at and highlighted the lack of serious progress on Measure B in their report released last month. (The full text can be found at or at the County’s website.) However, we found several questionable statements and a few omissions in the Grand Jury’s report on Measure […]

Mendo Budget Jumbo Mumbo (July 2, 2003)

The proposed Mendocino County budget is written to hide the county’s true fiscal plight. It also pretends that the austerity budget will work and that it’s fair. But its overblown prose, larded with impressive-looking but meaningless charts of accounts and deceptive statistics isn’t likely to fool anybody who takes the time to read it. Starting […]

Supes Notes (June 26, 2019)

The controversial Harris Quarry asphalt plant project was back on the Supes agenda Tuesday. The attorney for Harris Quarry wanted the Board to “take original jurisdiction” on the plant project so it could skip going back through the planning process (which the attorney said would be redundant since the project has been through the process […]

Rail-Trail Project/Scam Update

State Senator Mike McGuire’s Senate Bill No 356 (Feb. 19, 2019) will turn over the North Coast Railroad Authorities tracks south of Cloverdale to the Sonoma-Marin Area Rapid Transit-‘SMART’] district. According to a recent article in the Press Democrat by reporter Kevin Fixler, “One of NCRA’s primary creditors is the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Co., which […]

‘Gouging People Who Don’t Participate’

We couldn’t help laughing several times during the Board of Supervisor’s Cannabis Tax Appeal Board discussion on Tuesday. (Humor is where you find it, and this particular source never disappoints.) First, during public expression, there was Fort Bragg grower Jude Tillman of Fort Bragg’s making a perfectly reasonable request for a refund. She’d paid lots […]

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