Measure B Committee Goes Dark

After accomplishing absolutely nothing of substance at their latest Wednesday, October 23 meeting, Mendo’s Measure B Advisory Committee decided to cancel their November meeting, Thanksgiving and so forth. County CEO and Measure B Committee member Carmel Angelo described the meeting cancellation as “going dark.” (Note to self: please add “going dark” to Ms. Angelo’s list […]

Supes Notes (November 6, 2019)

During Tuesday’s (October 22) crop report to the Board of Supervisors District One Supervisor Candidate John Sakowicz introduced himself as “John Sakowicz, candidate for First District Supervisors

Roy Laird’s Shop Burns Down (August 16, 2000)

Pam Miller was in the house and Roy Laird was out working on the other side of his 20-acre Holmes Ranch property on his four-wheeler last Tuesday night a little before 7pm when they both heard “a slapping, popping sound.” Laird’s old barn, which he had painstakingly converted into a mechanic’s shop and garage over […]

Mendo’s Confused, Redundant Scramble for Mental Health Primacy

Last month we asked the County for the paper trail on the County’s buyback of a vacant parcel on Ukiah’s Orchard Avenue. The property has been under consideration for a Crisis Residential Treatment facility for several years, a consideration pre-dating passage of Measure B whose revenues would do the same thing and probably more. According […]

Comptche Wants to Detach!

With all the problems facing Mendo, the state and the nation these days, what issue would you expect would draw a large contingent of truculent Comptche landowners to an otherwise inconsequential Mendocino Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCo) Board meeting?  Fire danger? Mendo’s Anti-MRC Public Nuisance Ordinance? MRC’s attempt to combine their parcels so the billionaire […]

Can Mendo Salvage its Failed Pot Permit Program?

(An exchange at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting) Supervisor Ted Williams opened the discussion by proposing the use of satellite imagery for code enforcement to identify Mendo pot grows/growers who do not have permits or have not applied for permits. Supervisor John McCowen: “We are not forcing anyone into the black market. It’s a choice […]

Measure B Committee’s New Priorities

Judging by the amount of time spent at last Wednesday’s Measure B Mental Health Oversight and Advisory Committee meeting, the most important things they have to deal with are: remodeling an old Redwood Valley house into a training center and buying a new sound system for the Committee. They’re still working on hiring a project […]

County Budget Notes (Sep. 25, 2019)

Mendo just can’t do monthly budget reporting. (Or can they?) Supervisor Ted Williams’s proposal for Mendocino County to adopt bottom-up budgeting (“zero-based budgeting”) was reasonably well received on Tuesday with a muddled decision to have staff discuss it further in November or January or something. Supervisor John McCowen suggested it be tried on the cannabis […]

Lightning Strikes Anderson Valley (Sep. 10, 2003)

Wednesday morning’s freak storm system sparked dozens of lightning-fires in Mendocino County and in many other places on the Northcoast. About a dozen fires blew into life in Anderson Valley.  “It’s a lightening siege,” was the description of the fast-moving storm by Captain Gabrielle Avina of the California Department of Forestry’s command headquarters in St. […]

County Notes (Sep. 18, 2019)

As expected, the Supervisors approved the fishy buyback of the Redwood Quality Management Service Orchard Ave property on the Consent Calendar Tuesday morning without comment or question. So we have begun preparing a Public Records Act request for related and prior documents. The “fact sheet” from the County’s shared private attorney rep at the CPUC […]

Mendo’s Unstable Budget (Sep. 10, 2003)

The just concluded County budget hearings saw the supervisors institute an across-the-board 10.1% spending cut. Everything got whacked that much. Redundant departments?  Excessive pay for department heads? Crazy spending?  No.  No real cuts at all.   Don’t fill vacancies but tell the rubes you’ve trimmed ten percent of the fat from local government. Issue a […]

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