Former Ag Commissioner Diane Curry posted the following comment on the AVA’s website on Tuesday: “Remember back when the Cannabis Ordinance was just a sparkle in the County’s eyes? Our then Planning and Building head planner, Andy Gustafson stated that the project needed an EIR. Unfortunately for Mr. Gustafson, Supervisor McCowen disagreed. So as usual, […]

Marijuana Mendo — A Cautionary Tale

Chris Gurr and Ann Marie Borges don’t fit the cliched marijuana profile. They look like what they are, a respectable professional couple who got into the love drug business when cannabis became legal, or quasi-legal. It’s the quasi that brought them a world of woe, that patented Mendo woe of incompetence basted in farce. Gurr and […]

Measure B Stumbles On a Good Idea

The Measure B Oversight Committee met for a mind-numbingly long four hours on Wednesday, yet they somehow managed — albeit only three years late — to unanimously recommended that the Supervisors allocate $340k for a pilot crisis/mobile van program. (Of course, from here it’s more like at least 15 years late — they could have […]

The Williams Problem

WE MENTIONED a few days ago that the Supes had actually created an ad hoc committee to prepare “Policies and procedures for placing items on BOS Agenda.” The obvious reason for such a committee was in reaction to Supervisor Williams who tries to put real issues on the agenda as if he was a Supervisor […]

A Mendocino Crisis Van?

Before the next Measure B committee meeting on July 22, let’s make one more attempt to get the moribund Committee to follow through on one of their own recommendations — a crisis van or two for Mendocino County — a recommendation that has since been endorsed by Ukiah Police Chief Justin Wyatt, current Mendocino County […]

Supes Notes (July 22, 2020)

ONE OF THE MOST DRAMATIC bits of information to come out of last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting was an in-passing observation by Sheriff Matt Kendall, who is also the County’s Coroner. In response to a question about facial covering enforcement vs. other priority tasks that his Office has, Coroner Kendall said that during the […]

Supes Mask Up While Mendo Burns

Small fines for not wearing a face mask in public was the primary item on Wednesday’s Board of Supervisors agenda and got plenty of attention both from the Supes and the public at large. But the County’s large and growing virus-related budget problems got almost no attention. Darcie Antle, the county’s budget analyst, told the […]

Haschak the Obtuse

Last Wednesday afternoon, Supervisor John McCowen wanted to know when his as yet undefined proposal to streamline the marijuana cultivation permit program would be up for discussion.  Supervisor Ted Williams agreed that the item should be prioritized: “I agree with supervisor McCowen’s concerns. I realize we are in a pandemic and have limited resources. At […]

Too Many Health Orders

We received four separate press releases from the County last Friday regarding the Covid-19 situation.  The first one we have posted on our website as we have for all their previous pressers. But Friday it became laughably excessive.  The first one (posted) from the Health Officer is entitled “Health Order Revised to Align with New […]

Numbers? You Want Numbers?

Last month, Measure B project manager Alyson Bailey told the Measure B committee that she would have “numbers” for a Psychiatric Health Facility, Crisis Residential Treatment Center and Crisis Stabilization Unit “maybe in two weeks if all goes well, but surely less than a month.”  The promised numbers did not appear at last Wednesday’s Measure […]

Biloxi Days: Camille: She Warn’t No Lady

While many of my peers were celebrating at Woodstock, from August 15 to August 17 of 1969, I was defending America from Communism, irony intended, and more specifically, preparing our squadron of T-28 trainer aircraft for the arrival of Hurricane Camille, “the strongest hurricane to strike the mainland of the United States in the 20th […]

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