King’s English Comes to Boonville

Boonville resident Bob Abeles opened Wednesday night’s Community Services District Board meeting with a complaint about an email he got from the lawyer the District hired to prepare the contracts for the property owners who have agreed to provide water to the planned drinking water system that District has been working on for the last […]

Y2K? Why Not? (January 27, 1999)

Mendoland is gearing up for the Y2K crisis in its usual ways: inflated rhetoric with a sub-theme of muted hysteria and meetings. Folks as diverse and as, well, grounded, as 5th District Supervisor David Colfax and former 3rd District Supervisor John Pinches are involved, as are the staid Ukiah Chamber of Commerce, Pacific Bell and […]

Supes Notes (January 15, 2020)

Great Moments In Public Deliberation Supervisor John Haschak was made Chair of the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. During a discussion of whether to ask County Counsel to reply to the Measure B Committee’s questions about use of public funds for mental health services in a privately owned facility, it didn’t take long for Haschak […]

Measure B Committee Approves the $3.3 Mil

Used to be that applicants for professional positions did a little homework on the organization they were submitting their resume to. These job seekers sometimes even read up about the project(s) that their desired organization had going and offered their opinion on how hiring them might help the outfit to succeed. For example, an applicant […]

Look Out Camille, Here Come the Adventists

It’s been two years since Measure B passed to fund an array of mental health facilities and services in Mendocino County. But until Supervisor Ted Williams came on the scene, the County had never actually looked at how the whole thing would work or what kinds of new services the Measure B funding would cover. […]

The Ukiah Valley’s Latest Effluent

The audio of the on-line video recording of the meeting of the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District on November 13 was poor, so we weren’t always sure what people said. Further, the two speakers who rose during public expression were not identified. One of the unidentified, a together but disgruntled, articulate, professional-looking woman began the meeting […]

County Notes (December 4, 2019)

The behavioral health forum in Caspar last week (Monday, November 25th), inspired nothing but frustration, best expressed by Measure B’s lead proponent, Sheriff Allman, who remarked that if he had it to do again, he wouldn’t have suffered an 11-person committee to get some mental health programs up and running. The B Committee… Well, they […]

Mendo’s Gold Plated Gift to Camille Schraeder

Everyone involved knows that the new Psychiatric Health Facility and the Crisis Stabilization Unit to be funded by the millions of local sales tax dollars are going to be built on the vacant lot next door to Camille Schrader’s operation on Orchard Street.  Why do we have to go through years of expensive planning and […]

Measure B Committee Goes Dark

After accomplishing absolutely nothing of substance at their latest Wednesday, October 23 meeting, Mendo’s Measure B Advisory Committee decided to cancel their November meeting, Thanksgiving and so forth. County CEO and Measure B Committee member Carmel Angelo described the meeting cancellation as “going dark.” (Note to self: please add “going dark” to Ms. Angelo’s list […]

Supes Notes (November 6, 2019)

During Tuesday’s (October 22) crop report to the Board of Supervisors District One Supervisor Candidate John Sakowicz introduced himself as “John Sakowicz, candidate for First District Supervisors

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