Measure B: Sloth & Confusion

THE MEASURE B COMMITTEE “MET” Wednesday afternoon. It was the most pathetic excuse for a meeting I’ve ever seen in Mendo, bar-none — and the problems had nothing to do with their difficulties with on-line meeting technology. I’ve seen some bad Mendo meetings, but this one takes the prize. It was so bad that Committee […]

County Notes (May 27, 2020)

As predicted, after a few nitpicks about the funding and sequencing, the Board rubberstamped handing over about $1.5 million to “Visit Mendocino” to “promote” local tourism right in the middle of a County Health Officer’s report that specifically discourages visiting Mendocino. (Details to follow,) Returning from closed session last Tuesday evening, the Board of Supervisors […]

Abating Mendo’s Wrecks (May 14, 2003)

Mendocino County budgets $60,000 a year to get abandoned cars permanently put away. According to people who perform this valuable public service, Mendocino County gets off cheap. Since fiscal year 1997 Mendocino County has contracted with Mason Cook, the controversial Willits tow truck operator, to rid our landscape of automotive detritus.  Before 1997, abandoned vehicles […]

Supes Notes (May 13, 2020)

Supervisor John Haschak announced Tuesday that Dr. Joseph Iser has been hired as Mendocino County’s new Health Officer.  Dr. Iser retired as Chief Health Officer of the Southern Nevada Health District (Las Vegas) in January. He will start on an interim/familiarization basis in May and take over as official replacement for Dr. Noemi Doohan on […]

Whistling In The Dark

Apparently Mendocino County’s crack financial overseers are not very concerned about the County’s increasingly strained fiscal situation stemming from the shutdown of major segments of the local economy for going on two months and counting. And counting.  According to the third quarter budget update in next Tuesday’s Supervisors agenda packet, County Auditor Lloyd Weer forecasts […]

Revenues Down

CEO Carmel Angelo opened Monday morning’s Supervisors meeting by saying that Mendo has been approved for a “phenomenal” $750k reimbursement from FEMA, 75% of about $1 million that the County has accumulated in “emergency” expenses that they applied for and are eligible for. Angelo added that they have spent about $250k more than that, of […]

Supes Notes (April 22, 2020)

After an hour and a half of muddled discussion, the Supervisors decided to keep their interim Health Officer, Dr. Noemi Doohan, on full pay until June 1 after which the doctor will start her new job in San Diego but remain on call to Mendo. The Board decided to allow Dr. Doohan to decide where […]

Homeless Plan, Financial Non-Plan

Glenn McGourty, leading candidate to replace Carre Brown as 1st District supervisor next January, opened Tuesday’s Supervisors meeting by summarizing an obscure technical paper he stumbled across in Davis which claims that Ukiah Valley grape growers are “saving” some water. (He could have simply emailed the report link to the Board, but the candidate seemed […]

Doohan Revises SIP

Mendocino County Health Officer Issues Revised Shelter-In-Place Order Post Date: 04/10/2020 11:43 AM On March 18, 2020, Dr. Noemi Doohan, Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer issued the first Sheltering in Place (SIP) order in alignment with the six big Counties of the San Francisco Bay Area who released their orders together 2 days earlier. The end […]

Mendo’s Homeless Virus Plan

LAST TUESDAY’S BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETING was abruptly cut short after about two hours when CEO Angelo announced that there was a “medical emergency” involving “key staff.” Angelo then announced that because their overworked Clerk of the Board Lindsay Dunham was no longer in the Board Chambers, the meeting would have to be closed. No further […]

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