County Notes (Feb 28, 2018)

According to County Treasurer-Tax Collector Shari Schapmire the County has already collected some pot taxes. In fact, at the end of the Ms. Schapmire’s pot tax collection white paper/staff report, she appends the following summary of cannabis tax collections from January of 2017 to February 8 of 2018

A Brief History Of Mendo’s CEO

The Mendocino County Board Of Supervisors, at their December 10, 2013 meeting, will issue the usual insincere proclamation honoring the late Al Beltrami for his “years of dedicated service to the county and his community.” You’d think the guy was a volunteer all those years, 1965 to 1989, not the well-paid bureaucrat that he was. […]

Mendo’s Labor Wars

The slo-mo labor relations trainwreck between SEIU 1021 and Mendocino County continues to play out with both sides having now issued dueling press releases based on the findings and recommendations of a “fact finding” panel. The fact finders were Donna Williamson, the County’s pricey outside lawyer hired to represent the County because the County’s own […]

No County For Old Men

Fifty years ago you put hands on Harold Moore at your peril. The old guy still has the Popeye forearms of a working man, but he’s 80 years old, a law abiding senior citizen who has raised children and employed people and paid taxes all his long life. But this country is no respecter of […]

Mr. Hargrave’s Greenhouse

An angry man called Karen Ottoboni’s public affairs program on KZYX last Friday. “Talking about marijuana growing in this county, here’s a scandal. In Rancho Navarro we are an association here of homeowners. How on earth does the building department — the building department! — put a permit out for a 9,000 square foot indoor […]

Judge Brown Reverses Himself Again

Judge Ron Brown can’t make up his mind. Does the Mendocino County DA have “a conflict of interest” in the Ralph Freedman case? Judge Brown says No. Then he says Yes. And now he’s said No. Again. Freedman was the hot-headed former Director of the County’s Deadbeat Dad Collections Agency (Child Support Services) who flipped […]

Mendo School Board Meets In Elk

During the presentation by Greenwood Elementary School teacher Linda White, Ms. White noted that Elk had experienced a “baby boom” this year with five births. Superintendent Jim Shock immediately noted that five new funding units would bolster the student-starved Mendocino schools by 2008.  Several persons associated with the Community School, including a teenage student, were […]