County Notes (Sep. 18, 2019)

As expected, the Supervisors approved the fishy buyback of the Redwood Quality Management Service Orchard Ave property on the Consent Calendar Tuesday morning without comment or question. So we have begun preparing a Public Records Act request for related and prior documents. The “fact sheet” from the County’s shared private attorney rep at the CPUC […]

In Cahoots with Mendo

Mendo’s slow-moving Measure B Oversight Committee continued its slow pace last Wednesday, August 28, in spite of the Grand Jury’s attempt to get them off their collective asses.  In June, the Grand Jury urged the Measure B committee and the County to “act with a sense of urgency” adding, that they were “concerned about the […]

PG&E Returns

Last July 16 PG&E sent a youngish guy named Matt Pender, PG&E’s “Director, Community Wildfire Safety Program Program Management Office,” to a Supes meeting to explain their planned Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) program for the 2019 fire season. It didn’t go well. Pender was very ill prepared. He not only had little if any […]

County Notes (August 28, 2019)

LAST TUESDAY the Supervisors approved their responses to the Grand Jury about both the management of the county and Measure B, the mental health initiative stalled since it was passed two years ago. The upshot of the Supes’ response to criticism of the non-progress on Measure B was nicely summarized in the Independent Coast Observer […]

Fairgrounds Considered for Possible Septic Project

Fifth District Supervisor Ted Williams attended last Monday night’s Fair Board meeting at the Boonville Fairgrounds where the Community Services District board presented a preliminary layout for use of the Fairgrounds back lot as the “disposal field” for processed and de-odorized effluent from the proposed wastewater system the CSD is working on for downtown Boonville.  […]

The EOA is DOA

In 2012, the second of two expensive consultant studies pointed out the obvious: Mendocino County’s emergency medical services were inadequately funded, uncoordinated, hard to staff and fragile. Seven years later that description still holds. At about that same time a huge Denmark-based medical services corporation named Falck/Verihealth showed up in Ukiah and started responding to […]

Mendo’s Climate Diversity Committee

If you were wondering whether Mendo’s recently approved “Climate Action Advisory Committee” is making any headway, you might find the following exchange at last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting instructive.  The committee, still in the early stages of formation, in typical Mendo Big Think, is charged with making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors to […]

County Notes (Aug. 7, 2019)

THE CEO’S freshly released response to June’s Grand Jury report which was entitled “Who Runs Mendocino County” is out. The CEO’s response is predictably non-responsive, simply a run down of how the Grand Jury is eithier mistaken or somehow didn’t realize how much wonderful reporting she’s already doing. However, one item which we’ve often brought […]

A New Pot Permit Category!

Last Tuesday, Supervisor Ted Williams asked Planning and Building Director Brent Schultz, again (sigh), about the status of pot permit processing, commenting that “it looks like noise, three or four in the course of a month. Do we have any better sense of where the logjam is? Is it truly the state, or is it […]

Mendo v. PG&E

PG&E’s designated Flak Catcher at last Tuesday’s Supervisor meeting was a young guy named Matt Pender with the impressive sounding title of “Director, Community Wildfire Safety Program Program Management Office.” It quickly became obvious that he was only there to insulate the real big shots at PG&E from a barrage of pointed questions from the […]

PG&E Hates Us

ON TUESDAY at 1:30pm a Timed Supervisors Agenda Item on the is entitled: “Discussion and Possible Action Including Acceptance of Presentation by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Regarding the New Safety Initiative, Public Safety Power Shutoff Program and an Update Regarding the County’s Associated Preparation.” “Acceptance”?  What if the Board doesn’t like it? What if […]