The Sheriff’s Frustration

After more than a year of pussyfooting around, Sheriff Allman seems to have accepted the idea that to get the Psychiatric Health Facility that he originally envisioned, energetically promoted and sold via “Measure B” for “the specific purpose of funding improved services, treatment and facilities for persons with mental health conditions,” he needs to also […]

Biloxi Days: The Monument

Toward the end of my four-year tour at Keesler Air Force Base outside Biloxi, Mississippi, it was becoming clear that President Nixon’s quixotic attempt to “Vietnamize” the Vietnam war by, among other things, training Vietnamese pilots to fly T-28s, would soon be ended. Base Commander General Madsen thought the hands-across-the-waters instruction should be commemorated, quickly […]

Skyrocketing Fees & Mendo Mismanagement

At last Tuesday’s mid-year budget presentation the Supes reviewed five contending “budget priorities,” one of which was: “Board of Supervisors directive to prepare a report on how Planning and Building service fees are developed. (Discuss with Board of Supervisors during 2019 budget presentation.)  As soon as he saw it, Supervisor Ted Williams immediately jumped in:  […]

Biloxi Days: The Leak

I happened to be in the office of Chief Master Sergeant Ralph Johns, the Field Maintenance superintendent, when he received a call from Sergeant Wilkins in the aero repair shop over in Hangar 3. It was late July in a hot southern Mississippi summer. Sergeant Wilkins was annoyed because someone on the flight line had […]

Mendo’s Budget Chickens Circle the Coop

On Thursday, Official Mendo posted its “mid-year budget update” nearly three months after the mid-year ended. The pretty presentation package collides directly with the ugly budget reality contained within. To see the fruits of the graphic designer’s extensive effort (and the numbers pig with its make up on) go to: and click on the […]

Biloxi Days: The Complaint

The first T-28 trainers arrived at Keesler Air Force Base in early 1967. Colonel Slaughter and I arrived in late 1968. Prior to the arrival of the flight training squadron Keesler was primarily an electronics training base — communications, radars, etc. and had their own much larger organization on the other side of the base, […]

New ‘Affordable’ Housing?

Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooo.  Why?  Because Mendo has a track record of doing nothing and now they’re turning over the important subject of housing to yet another overpaid, out-of-county consultant. And when staffers say there will be “challenges,” that means: “never happen.”  Not in Mendo anyway. Mendo’s “Inclusionary Housing/Housing Element” (of the General […]

Mendo’s Sudden Ambulance Privatization-Consolidation

Mendocino County began planning to establish an Exclusive Operating Area (EOA) for inland ambulance services back in 2013. More than five years later, after several false starts, state reviews, organizational wrangling, and busted deadlines, the long delayed Request for Proposals (RFP) for the EOA was finally issued last week. The entire RFP process was carried […]

Biloxi Days: Crash Recovery

We were having occasional problems with the rebuilt carburetors coming back from the depot in San Antonio. The carburetors were installed behind the T-28’s radial engine where they combined air and fuel in a tightly controlled mixture operated by the throttle position in the T-28 two-seater training aircraft cockpit.  Normally carburetors do not require much […]