Supervisors Have Ball Removed

THERE ARE TWO conventional schools of thought about why the Supervisors fired their relatively new Chief Executive Officer John Ball last Wednesday in a special closed session. (The Supes themselves have refused to explain the firing on the advice of County Counsel.) The "conservative" view is that Ball was doing a peachy job, but when […]

The Blind Leading the Ophthalmologists: Hospital Mulls $10 Bond (Or Tax)

There were four different official versions of the recent departure of Coast Hospital’s Chief Financial Officer Jacob Lewis. Hospital Business Development Director Heather Paulsen described Lewis’s departure as “taking on a new challenge.” Lewis himself saw his departure as “a growth opportunity.” The Hospital Board called it a voluntary resignation. And several Fort Bragg residents […]

The Staff Runs the Show: Planning Commission Votes To Do Nothing About Esterlina Winery’s Roadside Parking

A suspicious odor of deja vu permeated the Supervisors Chambers in Ukiah last Thursday afternoon when the Mendocino County Planning Commission considered a modification of Esterlina Winery’s Holmes Ranch use permit “to address issues of visitation and off-site parking when on-site parking demand exceeds availability.” Planning department staff had already decided that there was no […]

Supplementary Coast Hospital Board Meeting Notes

At the Hospital Board Meeting on February 9th when the Hospital Resource Council recommendations were discussed (see, Hospital Board Chair Charlene McAllister noted in passing during the discussion of the $250 San Francisco-based affiliation consultant that the CEO can authorize up to $25k without board approval. What a coincidence that the expensive, non-competitively-bid affiliation […]

OFF THE RECORD: Hospital Footnotes

A FEW FOOTNOTES to Mr. Sanicki’s report on the independent audit presented to the Coast District Hospital Board last week. Four people commissioned the audit — Tom Birdsell, Mike Dell’Ara, Richard Miller and Vince Taylor, aka the Hospital Resource Council. (Others are involved as well.) Birdsell and Dell’Ara are former Bay Area high-tech execs who […]

Alternate Realities at Coast Hospital

There are two dramatically different views of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital’s financial problems. The administration, lead by CEO Bryan Ballard, says that it is operating too many “money losing” programs and that if the District’s residents won’t tax themselves to the tune of $96/parcel to fill the gap, the Hospital will be forced to […]

The Dangerous Lessons of the Tobie Case

In 2003, Lifeworks group home manager Jack Graves recruited a known juvenile criminal named Kevin Tobie, who had been kicked out of San Francisco public schools because he’d been convicted of serious juvenile weapons crimes, and placed him right into Anderson Valley High School with no questions asked and no restrictions or conditions imposed. The […]

Felipe’s Protest

Is the Mendocino County justice system out to get Mexicans? Do Mexicans suffer more than their share of unfair treatment at the Mendocino Courthouse or from Mendocino County’s public servants? To make an official case for bias, not to mention bias’s big brother, overt racism, you’d need a boodle full of statistics showing that Mexicans […]

The Freedman Follies

When last we tuned in to the Freedman Fiasco, Ralph Freedman, Mendocino County’s former Director of Child Support Services (aka the Deadbeat Dad office), had been fired by the County and was being prosecuted for making sexual overtures to one of his single-mother staffers. The sexual harrassment charges were piled on top of earlier charges […]

Does Georgia-Pacific Have a Secret Plan for Fort Bragg?

A Mendocino Coast community group is meeting with Georgia-Pacific consultants to discuss the future of the Atlanta-based corporation’s 434 seaside acres in the center of Fort Bragg. Once the site of a thriving lumber mill that employed generations of Fort Bragg residents, it now represents the last parcel its size available for private development anywhere […]