Traffic Stops Gone Bad

The subject of the 4am hour of Pat Thurston’s KGO Radio Show of Saturday, December 5,  was excessive traffic fines. Ms. Thurston complained that it seemed like traffic fines in California had become unreasonable what with all the fees they pile on top of the fines, and that traffic courts had become little more than […]

Counting Heads

It’s census time again, time to flush out the hill muffins, beat them out of the bushes, time to venture up those lonely roads behind all those locked gates, time to count noses of a whole lot of people who prefer not to be counted, especially by the government.

Supervisor Colfax: Shut The Hell Up!

At the Tuesday, December 8, Board of Supervisors meeting, after about three hours of the usual rambling discussion about the first quarter status of the County budget (which three months were being reported was never explained), Supervisor J. David Colfax launched into another of his patented, absolutely pointless, irrelevant and substance-free tirades which should not […]

Dark Times For Mendo Timber

In the beginning there was Union Lumber, which begat Georgia-Pacific and Boise-Cascade, which begat Louisiana-Pacific and Masonite and Jackson State Forest, and Georgia-Pacific begat Hawthorne Timber (aka the Washington State Pension Fund), which begat Usal Forest and Salmon Creek and Big River and the Redwood Forest Foundation and the Conservation Fund and the Garcia Forest. […]

Mendo’s Management Deficit

Reader Michael Laybourn of Hopland recently asked: “Given the state of the county budget, what would you suggest to fix it other than layoffs of safety personnel?” First, the County should eliminate all management bargaining units. It’s an oxymoron for management to glom together as a pseudo-union and claim some kind of bargaining rights. All […]

Gimme Shelter

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors heard from the County’s shelter administrators last Tuesday. Being intimately familiar with outdoor living, Mr. McEwen is co-authoring this report. The only person at the meeting who had anything close to a practical grasp of this county’s unsheltered was Lisa Hillegas, Legal Services attorney. She has successfully sued the […]

Crime Statistics & Wine Sediment

Drawing any conclusions from the state’s Department of Justice statistics for Mendocino County and its semi-comparable neighboring counties requires the skills of an experienced and slightly inebriated tasseographer or oenomancer and an empty glass of unfiltered pinot or Earl Gray. Unfortunately, we don’t have any at hand so unraveling whatever Mendo’s crime stats say about […]

The Wine Industry’s Mendo Gofers

  Glen McGourty, UC Extension Farm Advisor, Mendocino County branch, is paid out of tax money to give free technical advice to grape growers about how to nurture their thirsty grapes. McGourty’s advice is water-intensive. The growers plant shallow rooted rootstock so growth can be con­trolled and pesticides delivered via drip irrigation lines. Shallow- rooted […]

Pillsbury Dough Boy Opposes Booze Regulation

This is not the Pillsbury Doughboy. His name is Glen McGourty and he’sMendo’s UC Extension Farm Advisor. (I use the term “farm” loosely.) Taxpayers pay Mr. McGourty to give free technical advice to grape growers/booze makers (who call themselves “the agricultural community”) about how to grow grapes in the most water-intensive ways — essentially using […]

Private Club Or Public Airport?

The unspeakable was spoken at last Wednesday’s Community Services District board meeting, beginning with an oblique suggestion that airport access fees be increased. Airport Manager and CSD trustee Kirk Wilder pointed out that the FAA does not like and will not fund airports with “through the fence access.” Wilder also noted that the FAA has […]

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