Locals To Planners: ‘Enough Grapes!’

The old plan, the young live. Most of the people at last Thursday’s Planning Commission hearing to address the Anderson Valley Alternative General Plan Draft at the Boonville Fairgrounds were over the age of 50. The sole young person (i.e., under 30) was the reporter from Mendocino County Public Radio. A parade of locals trooped […]

Chiselers Smith & Colfax Denounce Grand Jury

The Grand Jury’s careful documentation of travel reimbursement abuse by Supervisors Kendall Smith (Fort Bragg) and J. David Colfax (Boonville) brought angry denunciations from both Smith and Colfax last week. Smith made her case on the KZYX Community News. In response to uninformed questions from KZYX’s tip-toeing Paul Hansen, the regal Smith, who looks like […]

Grand Jury Accuses Supervisors Smith and Colfax of Intentional Misappropriation

After last year’s Mendocino County Grand Jury reported that Supervisors Kendall Smith (Fort Bragg) and J. David Colfax (Boonville) had been overcharging the County for travel and hadn’t paid the money back, the Grand Jury turned up the heat last month in a follow-up report that identifies two supervisors as thieves. The Supervisors reimburse themselves […]

The Mall Man’s Dreams For Ukiah

They can talk. They can do statistics. They’re really good at charts and drawings. They’re absolutely teriffic at green-speak. But what they’re best at, they say, is mythology. They say they have the facts, their critics merely grasp at the wispy tails of myths. Ohio-based Developers Diversified Realty Trust (DDR) delivered three impressively well-prepared presentations […]

Inside The Hamburg Pot Bust

At a dramatic preliminary hearing for self-described marijuana activist Laura Hamburg last Thursday, retired Superior Court Judge James Luther threw out all the evidence the Sheriff’s Department obtained during the execution of a search warrant at the Hamburgs’ Boonville Road property. The basis of the October raid, Luther said, was obtained via an “intentional omission” […]

Martin Mileck’s Potter Valley Dump

As a public service, and as a guide to how Mendocino County and its haphazard media phlegmatically conspire to bamboozle the public let’s deconstruct a recent story about Martin Mileck’s Cold Creek Compost permit problems. “Compost Permit Issuance Expected, by Ben Brown, The Daily Journal, February 17th, 2008. After a protracted series of court battles […]

Watershed Group Update

Assembly Bill 2121 (“Protecting North Coast Fisheries”) was signed into law in 2004. It called for the State Water Resources Control Board to issue a new draft North Coast Instream Flow Policy. (We discussed the poison pill in the new policy — watershed groups made up of moneyed diverters only — at length in these […]

Will Mendo Ever Again Have Affordable Housing?

Back in 2004 the Ukiah office of Legal Services of Northern California (formerly Redwood Legal) sued Mendocino County because the County’s “Housing Element,” a state-mandated ingredient of county general plans, did not comply with state law. Mendo’s Housing Element wasn’t worth the fancy paper it was written on — the fancy paper known as the […]

What Really Happened To Marvin Noble

Remember the Marvin Noble case? Noble was shot dead by Ukiah Police back in 1998 when he tried to walk back to his Ukiah apartment after the Mendocino Mental Health department dispatched the cops because he wouldn’t take his Haldol. Noble, a 300-plus pound black man, was enrolled in California’s “CONREP” (Conditional Release) program, an […]

The Mendo Pot Chronicles

A cautionary tale, versions of which have happened here, and will continue to happen here. On January 9th of this year, Rex Farrance, 59, a long-time technical editor of PC World Magazine, was murdered in a home invasion robbery. Farrance, at the apparent behest of his son, had a large indoor grow going in his […]