Guns, Butter and Inner Preparedness

Mendoland is gearing up for Y2K, stockpiling rice right along with apocalyptic homilies in a sort of mounting purplish frenzy. KZYX is abuzz with end-of-the-world speculations and even the normally well-grounded Ukiah Chamber of Commerce sponsored a day-long seminar chock full of advice for the Big Day. We, meaning the secure middleclass, need not be […]

Supervisors Pay Panel Wraps Up

Do they deserve more money? Should it be put to a vote? Does the law say only the Grand Jury has the authority to raise the pay of the five-person Mendocino County Board of Supervisors? The Supes presently make $33,656 per year, having given themselves a 4% raise without much notice on June 2, 1998. […]

Rossi Recall Attempt Announced

Director Emil Rossi was absent again at last week’s CSD meeting, but his presence was felt nevertheless. The recently formed group Friends of Anderson Valley Emergency Services (FAVES) formally announced their intent to begin the formal recall process of Director Rossi. The bluntly worded “Notice of Intent to Circulate Recall Petition” (see Legal Notices) was […]

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