Red canyon walls ended abruptly. I stepped over sagging barbed wire into aspens and cottonwoods and came to a house in a clearing and a new corral made of freshly milled planks set on squared-off posts that had been treated with pentachlorophenol. A sorrel and two bays stood in the hot stink of the penta, […]


The froggers would arrive in the mornings, having driven in from their night hunt in Central Valley wetlands, bullfrog country. They’d carry burlap bags, wet and heavy, into the front building, talk for a while, take their money and disappear. There was always a bit of mystery about that. My boss, Harold Dahl, supplier of […]

Tenth Mountain Mule

We led mules, one GI to each mule, just another exercise for us and the mules and none of us knowing where we were headed or what for. Situation normal. Tenth Mountain Division, winter in Colorado, World War II. It had been late in the day when we joined the mules, a gray darkening day. […]