Tan Bark

One of the old-time industries in Anderson Valley and the North Coast was peeling and shipping of tan bark. It was a big thing in its day and created a living for many people. The tan oak as we know it was also called chestnut oak, probably a hangover from the east where there was […]

Good Fences

One of the things from the past that we pass by every day and pay very little attention to is our fences here in Anderson Valley. Many are over 100 years old and still doing a good job enclosing property and keep­ing livestock where it belongs. Some are rails and others are pickets and the […]

The Navarro Beach (1971)

Some of the folks down by Navarro by the Sea have been very interested in the mouth of the Navarro River. Anderson Valley people should hope that any differences are amicably settled and with justice to all parties because they all like to go down there. In addition, it was Anderson Valley soil that made […]

Cow Mountain

What is called the Cow Mountain area is roughly from Scotts Valley in Lake County to the mountains east of the Ukiah Valley and from Blue lakes on the north to the Hopland-Lakeport highway on the south. It is, or was, a vast land of high rolling ridges and canyons mostly covered with a heavy […]

The Bear Hunt

One time many years ago Augie, Frank and I were hunting in Trinity County. We started north of the small place named Xenia but there wasn’t much in the way of deer. It was after one of those hard freezing winters. The deer had pretty much died off. So finally we moved over to Southfork […]

When I Was Justice Of The Peace

Before the California Judicial Council was voted in by the state legislature, the local judge was a justice of the peace and was known to the people as a JP. He would be a local man elected to office by the voters of the district. He was supposed to handle all minor legal matters. In […]

Mendocino County’s First Christmas

  Christmas Eve is with us and Christmas Day will follow. Most of us will observe the holidays in one way or another. I can remember the first Christmas tree I ever saw. It was about 1900 in Murray’s Hall in Mendocino. Upstairs in a wooden building and a full audience. Truly a Providence was […]

Early Building & Planning (1977)

Not too long ago the Board of Supervisors made some rulings controlling building construction in the county. There had been building restrictions in the towns for a good many years. But as time went on and people moved in, homes became scarcer. Many wanted to build homes out in the woods or in the backcountry […]

Deer Hunting In Sherwood Valley

Many years ago I was hunting in the Sherwood Valley area with a friend from Fort Bragg. We started early in the morning and had trouble right away. We had a big terrier named Snooper and a big hound who was a great deer dog. Before we could get them loaded and tied fast in […]


Thanksgiving Day is a time of feasting and visiting between families and friends who join in the offering of thanks for all those blessings bestowed since the last Thanksgiving. Many were in far-off lands and unable to get home for that day, but the spirit of Thanksgiving knows no distance and thought is this fastest […]

Frank Ward

We recently saw the passing of an old friend and a man who was also a longtime Lodge brother. It was just 50 years ago that Frank Ward, along with others who have been gone many years, inducted me into the Oddfellows Lodge in Boonville. We had known for a long time that Frank would […]