Murder at Rancho Navarro

Is Michael J. Saner sane? The trial for Michael J. Saner finished up last week. But the jury, due to the long weekend, was still deliberating at the filing of this report on Columbus Day, known west of State Street as Indigenous People’s Day.  The State’s case, charging Murder One, was finished after only two […]

Kill or Be Killed

The jury trial for Michael J. Saner, accused of murder in the killing of William Martinez at Rancho Navarro on August 6th, 2017, finally began last Monday only to go into recess before noon on Wednesday when one of the jurors had to go to the emergency room to pass a kidney stone.  The trial […]

‘Tis the Halloween Season for Crazies

It is mildly irritating that in Mendocino Officialdom there’s a pervasive pretense that the homeless population, especially the criminal elements of the homeless “community,” come from elsewhere; this is patently untrue: 80% are locals.  And so when a homeless man recently attacked two people near the Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op, the public was informed by […]

Low Gap Raiders Come to Court

The Low Gap Gang came to prelim last week and we learned some details about the charges the trio of home-invading hip-dopes from Sonoma County are up against.  The “heavy” seems to be Nathan Kurtz; he was charged with pistol-whipping the victim and then stealing the victim’s pickup, while all three (the other two being […]

The Bicycle Thief

Last week a bicycle thief was sentenced to four years in prison, a deterrent, at last, at long last, to the decades-long impunity bicycles thieves have enjoyed in Ukiah, the stolen bicycle capital of the world. Only a few weeks ago some young pup of a bike thief loitering by my driveway bragged to the […]

Family Feud

Marciano Piceno was held on three felony counts and several misdemeanors last Wednesday, stemming from what his defense attorney, Assistant Public Defender Anthony Adams, characterized as a family feud with Ysidro Fuentes and his sons, one of whom, Andres Fuentes, was called to testify in a preliminary hearing Wednesday. Andres Fuentes said that on June […]

Heath Goes Shopping

If somebody gets your credit card and goes on a shopping spree with it there’s not a lot the law can do about it because the defense lawyers, even the free public defenders, have so many artful quibbles that it is almost impossible to get a conviction, and without a conviction, you can forget ever […]

The Stolen Scanner

Deputy DA Houston Porter is leaving the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office for a post with the DA’s office in Marin County. Porter’s last case involved the alleged theft of a scanner from Grocery Outlet in Ukiah by co-defendants Sarah Walker and Christopher Todd Mangrum, the latter raised in Boonville. At last week’s preliminary hearing, […]

Anchor Bay Elderly Get State Prison

“Mr. Eyster’s sentencing brief resembled a lurid crime novel, your honor, and I need time to go over it with my client,” defense attorney Monty Hansen said to Judge John Behnke as the judgment and sentencing of Anchor Bay gunslinger Harry Miller got under way last Friday. Miller had plead guilty to shooting one neighbor […]

The Father of a Righteous Child Has Great Joy

Joseph Gates was acquitted last Wednesday of assault with a deadly weapon, a knife, against his own dear old dad, an anthropologist for the California Energy Commission, Thomas Gates, PhD. What Joseph Gates really did, as opposed to the patently false charges brought against him by his progenitor, was fail to live up to his […]

The Accidental Arsonist

For those of you who are in danger of becoming homeless on the streets of Ukiah — Heaven forfend — remember this: Don’t expect to be toasting marshmallows around a cheerful campfire. People who have never been homeless and had to live out on the streets may think of it as a kind of fun […]

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