Honor Thy Father

David Schwindt, 77, took the stand feebly, his palsied hand trembling as he raised it to be sworn in. The old man’s hearing was poor so the bailiff fitted a set of earphones over his head before Deputy DA Elizabeth Norman could begin her direct examination.  When he was all set, Ms. Norman asked, “Where […]

Local Bank Robber Sentenced

Travis Strickland robbed a string of banks from Ukiah to Santa Rosa until he was finally apprehended after robbing the Chase Bank in Cloverdale on December 4th 2018. Mr. Strickland was arrested by Cloverdale police officers only a half-block from the bank on South Cloverdale Boulevard while Strickland was in his black Mercedes in what […]

Judge Dolan Goes Light Too?

On Friday of last week, January 3rd, your trusty courthouse correspondent saw colleague Mike Geniella’s SUV parked nearby and realized that Mr. Geniella would be working closely with DA C. David Eyster to deliver another fair and balanced press release regarding the judgment and sentencing of Jakell Malik Watts.  With the Watts case being so […]

Courthouse Year-End Awards

Now that Coast prosecutor Tim Stoen has retired, The Eldest Practicing Lawyer in the Criminal Defense arena would have to be Albert Kubanis, a guy on the cusp of 80. Having moved to Ukiah back in the early 1970s, Mr. Kubanis still gets up at five in the morning to play racquetball at his health […]

Justice Is Not Blind…

Last week, a jury found Paul Rivera, a deaf and dumb homeless man, not guilty of possession for sale of methamphetamine, a felony. Rivera was found guilty of the misdemeanor possession — something he admitted all along.  Meth addicts inevitably claim “personal use,” even when the amount in possession is grossly more than what reasonable […]

Eight Years for Murder?

Isaiah Bennett pled to two counts of possession of methamphetamine, just before he was sentenced to eight years in state prison for fatally assaulting a poor old blind beggar, Jimmy Isenhart, on the streets of Ukiah. It wasn’t Bennett’s first go-round (as they say in the parlance of incarceration), he’d done time in the local […]

Amanda & Chris Go Digging

Ms. Amanda Marsh and her boyfriend, Chris Geurts, were invited to go on a dig at a vacation house out on Woodland Park Road between Laytonville and Dos Rios.  No, Virginia, Marsh and Geurts are not archeologists; “dig” in the parlance of burglars means a place where fencible goods can be stolen.  And when the […]

Court Notes (December 4, 2019)

Congrats to two Santa Rosa lawyers who try a lot of cases in Mendoland and serve the interests of justice: Andy Martinez and Chris Andrian. The two trials started last week ended today, Monday, November 25, in a remarkable flurry of NOT GUILTY verdicts; the first in was the jury in the case that started […]

West Hills Gunslingers Association

A jury trial for James Robert Nix, 65, of Ukiah, on two counts of assault with a firearm began with jury selection last Monday in Judge Cindee Mayfield’s court. At the same time a jury trial for Pablo Gonzalez, Sr. on similar charges (assault with a firearm, felon with a gun, theft of a firearm) […]

Court Notes

Marcus Caldwell pled guilty to forcible rape and three counts of penetration with a foreign object, along with one count of first degree burglary on the morning set for his jury trial, Tuesday, November 12th. Details of the crime did not come out in court – one of the chief reasons for a plea bargain […]

Shell Shock & Carcinoma for Those Who Served

Michael Grunwald has been awaiting judgment and sentencing for several weeks. He has been scheduled several times for the procedure but each time more legal aspects of his case have to be looked into and considered. Most recently, it was section 1170.9 of the Penal Code that caused delay. Michael Grunwald faces four years and […]

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