The Truth Forsooth, Who’s Telling the Truth?

Children, even adult children, can be so adorable when they revolt against the conventions of their parents.  Readers of a certain age will remember scandalizing their parents by dropping F-bombs at the dinner table, for instance.  But as the novelty wore off the F word, as it came into common usage as a versatile adverb and […]

The Golden Fleece of the Little Lamb

Abel Aguado and Devin Kester-Tyler have been Argonauts of the Ukiah streets for as long as I’ve been covering the courthouse scene. They’ve always seemed to me like a couple of well-mannered orphans in an environment where the denizens you encounter are not always friendly or sane. They do not yell incoherently at passersby or […]

Justice for Blahut

Michael Blahut was on trial last week for three felonies and two misdemeanors stemming from an incident at the MacDonald’s Drive–Thru in Ukiah a year and a half ago

Why I Abjure the Interview

When I was an editorial intern at Ranch & Coast Magazine back in 1983 my editor, Steve Marshke, would fill my inbox with press releases he’d sorted through; my job was to edit them down to the bare bones, just the facts, six to a dozen lines at most, and then give the corpse a […]

Dusting Dustin’s Pants Off

The jury trial for Dustin Golyer of Ukiah ended in convictions for Count One felony vandalism and Count Two a misdemeanor resisting arrest. The jury wasn’t out very long, the verdict arriving the same day the trial began, Tuesday, as all of Monday, was taken up in jury selection.  Mr. Golyer’s cunning defense, as presented […]

Ten Years After

Through some fluke of coincidence I just happen to be the same age, 67 this week, as the newspaper I have worked for the past ten years, the nationally distributed but locally marginalized Anderson Valley Advertiser. Yes, it was ten years ago I started covering the activities of the local courts, the first week of […]

A Day in Court at the End of the Year

December 29, 2018 — Friday morning began with Kenneth Hall admitting he’d consumed alcohol during the holidays, in violation of his parole, and his mandatory supervision was revoked and he was sentenced to 90 days for the offense. “You’ll get half-time and maybe an early-kick [release],” Judge John Behnke said.  “But I want you to […]