Gunning for the Neighbors

Benjamin Meyer came in for a preliminary hearing on charges that he’d gone to a neighbor’s house with a shotgun and blasted two sleeping dogs to dog heaven as they lay in their separate doghouses.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Late October in Covelo the weather was so pleasant you could almost call it Indian Summerish, but a prolonged dry spell and dangerously low humidity had lent a certain foreboding to the town’s small population as fires broke out all over inland NorCal. Anyway, in this little town, the weather was nice, and it was […]

No Tolerance for Firebugs

All these monstrous wild fires, all the death and destruction, seem to have ignited three Mendo firebugs recently caught starting fires in and around Ukiah. Mr. James Allen “Whoosh” Norton hopes to get himself on Social Security as a certifiable nut-case because he’s too lazy to work. Whoosh first tried slashing tires in Willits where […]

On the Road with Scott Daellenbach

Three more states relaxed their draconian marijuana laws in the midterm elections and that makes it less of a gauntlet the mules have to run to get the weed out of the Emerald Triangle and into the states where good prices can be had, places like Utah, Missouri and Michigan. Utah, with its main routes […]

The Seven Deadly Trimmers

The trimmers who murdered Laytonvillle pot-grower Jeffery Settler in the early morning hours of November 11, 2016 have all been sent to prison, all but one, who is still dragging his feet.  The first to go was “the heavy,” Michael Kane, who was sentenced a week earlier to 14 years in prison; then five more […]

The Withering Look

Ukiah Attorney Al Kubanis delights in his work. He’s the oldest practicing defense lawyer in the county, perhaps the region – right up there with Tony Serra (whom Al considers an underclassman) and Tim Stoen, the acknowledged senior prosecutor, and the oldest practicing prosecutor from Seattle to Terra Del Fuego, as far as we know, […]

Solving the Homeless Problem, One Waif at a Time

The lawyers tend to congregate in the entryway at Department B, just out of the sight of Judge Cindee Mayfield’s bench, so they can ask hurried questions of one-another pertaining to their cases, which are being called at a pretty brisk pace. The lawyers can’t always keep abreast, due to the nature of their clients […]

A Willits Business Dinner

Going back a few weeks to the preliminary hearing for the three defendants from Oakland accused of a Willits home invasion robbery early last July – yes, it was about marijuana. In the first installment we gave an abridged version of the two witnesses for prosecution, Feather Sullivan and Michelle Mack, who said they had […]

Assault at the Sunrise

The homeless camps in Ukiah are not far off the beaten path. The beaten path, for those who have never been homeless in Ukiah, goes from the Community Center on North State Street, over to the Ford Street Project, back across to the Probation Office on State Street and on down past the courthouse to […]

Home Invasion Season Opens Early, Or…

Rural sharpies could easily lure young city dudes to Mendoland using a cache of last year’s unsold marijuana as bait, pull out a gun at the right moment (say, when the buyer complains about the freshness of the product), get the drop on the city boys, take their money then sic the police on the suckas by calling 911 and yelling, “We were just robbed by home invaders.”

Cat Lady Syndrome, Equine Division

“Are you from the newspaper?” “Uhmhumn, I am.” “Hello, I’m Anne Delaquadra.” “Nice to meet you.” “Are you with the Ukiah paper?” “No, the one in Boonville.” “Listen, you’ve got to hear my story.” “That’s what I’m here for. What are the charges against you?” “The charges against me are false!” “Yes, but what are […]