Just a Matter of Time?

“I guess it was just a matter of time,” a patron of the Ledford House restaurant in Albion said when he heard about Anthony Geer’s DUI. Mr. Geer owns the renowned Coast eatery. Patrol deputies were staked out on Albion Ridge Road when Mr. Geer drove home from the restaurant with his wife. He’d had […]

When Love Freezes Over

Remember when motherhood was sacred? When it was simply unthinkable that Mom’s underwear could possibly be Exhibit A in open court? No more. There it was, Mom’s undergarment. Not the unmentionable itself, but a photograph of it showing that it had been violently torn, barbarously ripped from the sacred flesh it shielded. Mr. Benjamin Torango […]

Neither Grace Nor Gravy

The abalone fillet sizzled in a pan of seasoned butter. The wine was so cold the bottle sweated. A dash of brandy went into the pan, the alcohol caught and the chef flipped the fillet in a cloudlet of flame. An auspicious aroma escaped into the dining room where the tables were spread with linen, […]

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