Marijuana & Mayhem

The voice mail said: “This is Terry. Something happened… I might not see you for a while. Anyway, I’m glad you weren’t here and didn’t have to see it.” Terry Cohen left that message on Jonathan Arnold’s voice mail. He’d been calling Arnold and Tesha Bushnell’s cellphones every few minutes for over two hours. They […]

Peter Hoyle — Botanist

There’s no recession in the dope business. A couple of Chicago mules recently appeared in Ukiah with $300,000. Cash. They were looking for Mendo Mellow to take back to the Windy City.

Courtroom Drama, 2009

On a cold dark night last winter in Fort Bragg as a chill wind whistled ashore over the chop, the cops swept into the living rooms of some of the Coast’s most conspicuous personalities, including business proprietors, jazz musicians, political activists, accomplished artists, and even a poet or two received noisy visits. Whole tribes of […]

If the Key Fits

If it’s action you want, Hoyle’s your cop.

He’s an action guy, what you call a polarizing figure, a strong personality of the old school lawman type. Thirty-three years on the thin blue line.

Lethal Lives

More and more inmates are trying to complain directly to the judges about conditions at the Mendocino County Jail. The judges tell the prisoners to go through prescribed channels, to get their complaints addressed at the jail, and then, if the problems continue, have their lawyers file the appropriate forms to notify the Sheriff’s Department […]

‘Murder Is Messy’

“Murder is messy,” Judge Ron Brown commented, more to himself it seemed than to the courtroom as defense attorney Katharine Elliott tried to keep a jury from seeing the death photos of Enoc Cruz, 21, when he was allegedly shot to death by Marcos Escareno, 14. Judge Brown asked the lawyers to bring the pictures up […]

Escareno Trial Begins

The Marcos Escareno murder trial got underway early Monday morning, November 30th, with a Native American prayer ceremony in front of the Ukiah Courthouse. Escareno is a member of the Manchester-Point Arena band of Pomo Indians. He is accused of killing Enoc Cruz on the Manchester side of the rancheria on February 6th, 2007. Escareno […]

He Should Have Stayed In The Deli

Apologies to Mr. Jayson Kain of Albion and Minne­sota, a bi-coastal pot person whose travails were described here last week. But something got lost in translation; Mr. Kain’s “appetite” for marijuana had nothing to do with his desire to deploy cannabis as a weight control agent. His argument was that he sim­ply smoked a lot […]