The War Bride

I was putting the last two pool balls in the pocket after losing a close game to Gary. Win or lose it didn’t matter to us. It was our one game a day that had become a tradition. We were evenly matched and our egos were not damaged, win or lose. I saw the old […]

The Yellow Submarine

When I was earning my living fishing, I, just as you, got pretty good at predicting weather by looking at clouds, waves, the behavior of birds, and wind direction. But, what I really set my clock by was Betancourt, an old-timer fisherman whose arthritic hands and knees never failed to tell us when weather was […]

The Wall

“The Wall” in Washington, DC. is a sacred place to Vietnam veterans. Built with private funds and spearheaded by ex-enlisted man Jan Scruggs, it represents all that has come to be known as the Vietnam era. This is hallowed ground for all those who went to war in Vietnam and who left their youth and […]

The Wounded Gull

Our boat was tied up to the commercial dock at Half Moon Bay where I sat on the engine room hatch-cover tying trolling-gear. Looking up from my work I saw a seagull trailing a wing in the water just off our stern. I’d seen it earlier stealing baits off dock-fishermen’s lines. During one of his […]

Puta Caballo

About horses, I knew not much. The few I had rid­den back in the States were beaten down robots one finds in rental stables-the giddy-up-go plodders that get you from A to B and back again. The horse the Colombian stable hands were leading up from the stalls below was a trembling, brown, mass of […]

The Cat Came Back

The early afternoon summer sun reflected off the lake onto my ceiling and danced on my desk. The front door to my little bachelor cottage was open and a slight breeze blew across my desk and out the door. The deadline story I was working on for a local paper wasn’t going well; I had […]