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Posts published by “Mike Geniella”

Super Bowl Thoughts From a Couch Potato

So the New York Times’ cover page profile Monday of Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers’ charmed quarterback, has nary a mention of the young…

Giants, the Series & Duh, the Election

Count me among the folks who are seriously unmoved by next week’s looming election. Not even the marijuana legalization measure or the possible return to…

Rough Notes & Random Thoughts

It was unintentional, but I’m happy to have taken the summer off from writing my blog for I know some of you feel the…

Cloudy Skies & And so are my Thoughts

It’s a warm and gray morning. A blanket of clouds covers the Azores, casting a blue-gray shadow across the Atlantic. Some clouds creep slowly across…

A Sad Outcome No Matter What

So Aaron Vargas is going to state prison for killing the Fort Bragg businessman that he and a dozen other Mendocino Coast men said had…

Lintott Limps to a Run-Off; Moorman Wins

Embattled Mendocino County DA Meredith Lintott was the top vote-getter in Tuesday’s primary, but she faces a tough run-off in the November election with challenger David Eyster and her re-election is far from certain.

Lintott & Pot—One More Time

Ukiah High School teacher Jeff Burrell can get on with his life after felony marijuana cultivation charges he faced were dropped Tuesday, in yet another confusing chapter in the saga of Mendocino County District Attorney Meredith Lintott.

Fallout Continues In Vargas Case

Is it “consensual” when a man as an adult engages in sex with another who began molesting him as a boy?