On Rolling Your Volkswagen…

There are things my mind does, in its relentless pursuit of inefficiency and procrastination, shouldn’t happen to a dog, but one thing it’s good for is it slows down and stays steady in the middle of an emergency, and it was this mind that said, in a quantum second, “This doesn’t look good.” I knew […]

Chesapeake Bay, Not Summer

I worked for the Baltimore News-American at the time of the blizzard of ’66. I had a blue-and-white 4-place airplane. The News-American asked me to take a photographer up for pictures. We took off the back door. He sat back there, hanging way out to get pictures. The bay was frozen. Eastern Shore communities were […]

Puppy Survives Mountain Lion

It’s a funny mood around Peggy Templer’s house in the northern California woods, a mixture of dread, relief and fear. Shock waves are still in the air. Lions’ll do that to you, this lion in particular. Up early, it was around quarter to six when Peggy let her puppy, Touchdown (“I’m a huge football fan”), […]

Take A Look At This

This is an extraordinary letter. Squint at it. I’ve never seen one like it. Consider the Board of Directors, at the bottom. These are the directors of a controversial and floundering radio station. The skimpy I.D.’s of each raise more questions than they answer (like, what interest does a health-club manager in Santa Rosa have […]

The Magic Coast’s Underside

At this time of year — high spring, with the gamboling of tourists — the magical golden coast of Mendocino is at its most agreeable and inviting. And while nattering nabobs natter on about jobs, here in paradise, we’re doing something about them: killing them. • Claude Hooten, the new owner of KMFB — now […]

Gary Sheppard’s Sudden Departure

Gary Sheppard died on July 7. A lot of you knew him. We were all affected by him. He was long prominent in Mendocino affairs. He was born in Los Angeles in October 1937 to the former Maria Ramirez and Lloyd Sidney “Sid” Sheppard. It seemed for a moment he was headed for a movie […]

Mitch Clogg for Congress!

California’s spectacular First Congressional District, the longest C.D. in the lower forty-eight states, stretches 300 awe-inspiring miles from the Oregon border to the San Francisco Bay. Our delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives from C.D.1 is Democrat Mike Thompson, a member of the self-described “conservative-to-moderate” Blue Dog Coalition, founder and co-chair of the Congressional […]

Forests Forever: An Idea Still Waiting Its Time

To the polite, almost rhythmic applause that characterizes European audiences, I accepted the Palme D’Or for best documentary at the Cannes Film Festival for my film “Logging.” That was the plan, anyway. Never happened. I did write a script and shoot forty hours of film in the mountains and valleys, winter and summer. I had […]