Viet Nam and the San Francisco DMV

Yesterday I went to the San Francisco Department of Motor Vehicles, armed with all ID, to renew my driver’s license. The female robo voice called my number and summoned me to “Window Number 21,” staffed by an older Asian man. He opened my passport and stared at the only visa inside, from my March, Veterans […]

A Sanctuary City For The Irish Too

A starkly political film from the north of Ireland was an unusual choice for this year’s annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival, “Indie Fest”- held every February. The Fest screened the 2017 feature “Maze” which is based closely on the spectacular real-life 1983 prison break of 38 Irish Republican inmates from Her Majesty’s Prison The […]

Veterans For Peace: A NorCal View

After nearly three days of deliberation at the recent annual conference of Northern California Veterans For Peace, the 10 chapters in attendance decided that one of their most pressing tasks was to tell the truth about the Vietnam War – in direct confrontation with Washington’s current “rewrite the war” campaign. On Memorial Day, in May […]

You Can Shove Your Wars!

“Black Watch,” the ‘Five Star’ Scottish military play that has been touted in expensive ads all over the Bay Area as “The #1 Theatrical Event of the Year,” (New York Times) delivered a powerful anti-war message that I wager stunned even lib/left San Francisco audiences. At $100-a-pop tickets and rave reviews from all major US […]

Report War Crimes, Go To Jail

A ripple of cynical laughter went through the 50 attendees of a recent Northern California Regional meeting of Veterans For Peace (VFP) in Ukiah when they were extolled to sign up for “The Brad Plan” – a facetious reference to young Private Bradley Manning, now entering his third year in prison for blowing the whistle […]

The Philanthropist Of Greenwood Road

Philanthropist is a Greek word that means ‘friend of the people.’ Local Englishman John Williams was certainly that to many. He died of a heart attack on Sunday, December 2nd in his home of 40 years on the Philo/Greenwood Road. John died peacefully, during a raging rain storm, in his sleep in his own bed […]

The Forgotten People

A computer engineer by profession, Salam Talib had moonlighted in Bagdad as a translator and driver for foreign progressive journalists during the early years of the US invasion and occupation.

Two “Gangs” of San Francisco — Comrades Who’ve Met Weekly for 30 Years

Certainly there are many circles of friends and col­leagues who meet regularly to socialize and network. What distinguishes San Francisco’s “Fort Point Gang” and “Specs Gang” is: their politics — firmly on The Left; their lifelong activism and commitment to many struggles: labor, artistic freedom, peace, civil rights, Cuba solidarity, and anti-fascism, among many others; […]

Josh & Conor — Home From War In Iraq

“I went down to the market

Where all the people shop

I pulled out my machete

And I began to chop

I went down to the park

Where all the children play

I took out my machine gun

And I began to spray”

This is a chant our young are taught to march to in our military today, and this is how two young veterans of the Iraq War begin their presentations to groups across the country.