A Bear Lurks (February 4, 2004)

In political circles, small as they are, the argument of late has been over whether or not 2004 is a déjà-vu-all-over-again of 1972. As political writers repeat past the point of tedium, Presidential campaigns are decided by the voters’ sense of economic well-being. Liberal or reactionary, they’ll vote for the incumbent if they’re feeling flush […]

The People’s Ball

“I am running for President because I believe that to actually make change happen — to make this time different than all the rest — we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, Independents, and Republicans together to get things done. That’s how we’ll win this […]

Good Soldier; Bad War

My son has returned from the war. After a year in Iraq, he’s come back to his wife and the rest of us unharmed in body. I don’t know about his spirit. Soldiers must see and do things which may leave, if invisible, terrible scars. I hope that hasn’t happened to him. My son is […]

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Here we are, back in the suicide season: It’s Christmas time. Half of us are thinking not of our fellow man and woman, but of pills and pistols; the other half goes shopping, partyies and tries to make the Christmas feast fit the picture they have of a fat, ho-ho-ho Santa in the living room, […]

A Few Hundred Bucks Will Get Some Attention

Rest assured, nothing is going to be done about this, but the news is still worth some cogitation. The new figures are out, and they show that almost 44 million people are without health insurance. It’s what you might expect when health insurance for a family costs $9,000 a year and is expected to top […]

The Wrong Kind of Growth

Is it growth or is it cancer? Whichever it may be, we want it, and elected officials and their would-be replacements are out in force promising us plenty of it. They talk as though there were a sure-fire formula for growth, which they know but their dumb-bunny opponents don’t.  Really, nobody knows for sure. What […]

Diversity-Worshippers Encouraging Separation

Whatever it is these days, it’s connected with immigration. The West Nile virus is suspected of imperiling the future of any number of birds and mammals; milfoil, an immigrant grass from distant shores, is threatening to destroy our lakes as habitat for fish and frog. All of this gives substance to the people who say […]

When It Comes to War…We’re All Profiteers

Guns or butter. Butter or guns. If you take both, you’ll run out of funds.  For generations, the economic textbooks taught that a country had to choose between fighting well or living well. Yet for the last 100 years, the United States didn’t make that choice. Quite the contrary: The butter came along with the […]

A Matter of Degrees

The football season has ended with the usual quota of scandals and reports of violent criminal activities by thugs hired to play the game by various universities and National Football League owners. Some institutions — we dare not associate them with what is called “higher learning” — figure so often in these stories they should […]