Another Life

It is not uncommon for those of us who have lived for over half a century to nostalgicize a Mom’s-apple-pie-in-the-sky America of the late Fifties and early Six­ties that was kinder and gentler than it is today. Which just goes to show the truly corrosive effect of time on memory, or perhaps it’s just a […]

Blocked Block Party Redeemed: City Settles in EcoMotion Fiasco

Fort Bragg City Council was going to allow a fundraiser block party in the streets of the city. Then they canceled it and kept a $5,000 deposit EcoMotion laid down for the event. Now, after a lot of bad noise, they’re giving it back. According to Nicole Kench, EcoMotion event promoter and founder, city manager […]

From San Francisco to Fort Bragg

We waited 13 minutes for the 33 line at Castro and Market Monday afternoon. On the opposite corner, a naked man with a large penis stood—or sometimes paced—while a handful of impressed on-lookers, smiling and nodding in approval, huddled around him in the brilliant San Francisco sun. The man seemed to be jacked up. He […]

In the Name of Love, Buy the Record

“Speed me into a wedding so I can stop being a threat to the women of the world.” According to Will Stenberg, lead man of the local rock band The Kerosene Kondors, your incentive to buy his third solo album, Will Stenberg: Home Recordings, Volume 1, 2002-2009, is to raise money for his upcoming wedding. But […]