The Crack in the Door

I live where the Navarro River meets the ocean, where the tides ebb and flow, animals come and go, and I am a part of that natural flow close to nature on the California Coast, more than a stone’s throw from where I grew up near the Arkansas River with the proverbial quicksand patch we […]

This Mess Is a Place

Living on the Navarro River down a long dirt road off the grid in the flood plain with multiple perils made my remote 4.2 acres available in the ‘90s for a reasonable price. Navarro River Road, aka Poverty Row for hardy property owners, now has a handful of families who come on weekends, show up […]

A Capsule History Of Class K

Sketches of the heartland — the Emerald Triangle — require that we go back to the beginning. Class K Code housing started with the back to the land movement in the early 1970s when city life was deteriorating, the Vietnam War was escalating and a whole generation of owner-builders was coming of age, seeking the […]

MendoHealing Take 2

Jean Marie Todd and David Moore of Fort Bragg were arrested Sunday for pot cultivation and sales.  They were previously arrested in February 2009 on similar charges. Local pot advocate Pebbles Trippett wrote about the arrest at the time. Ironically, current District Attorney David Eyster defended the couple back in 2009 before he was elected […]

Marijuana Initiatives Max Out

With 3 legalization initiatives and 1 medical marijuana regulation initiative all aiming for the same 2012 ballot and competing for the same scarce funds, none of them have been able to raise the $2 million the signatures alone would require. Time has almost run out for gathering 505,000 valid voter signatures by 4/20/12. The Repeal […]

Pot Forum At the Willits Grange

The Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board is co-sponsored a three-part medical marijuana meeting on October 2 with the Willits Grange. First was a DA Forum between Lintott and Eyster, moderated by defense attorney Bill McPike. A video of the forum will be shown several times on Ukiah, Willits and Ft Bragg cable TV. McPike was […]

Open Letter to John Coate

Dear John Coate, KZYX GM I wrote your colleague, news director Paul Hansen, a lengthy email on Dec 1 about the Mendocino Medical Marijuana Board’s concern that John Sakowicz not become KZYX’s official news reporter on medical marijuana, based on his stark lack of knowledge on any level, lack of roots in the community and […]

Murdering MendoHealing

MendoHealing, the medical cannabis farm in Fort Bragg, has drawn its last breath, dead of natural causes or murdered, depending. David Moore began with a vision of a farm-direct medical cannabis cooperative that would give low income patients quality medicine at half-price. Instead, as a County prisoner in leg chains on an extraordinary no-bail-hold for […]

Racial Profiling In Mendo

On May 22, about two in the morning, two young African-Americans from the East Bay, Brandon Sanders, a graduate student, and John Rhone an aspiring fireman, neither of whom had criminal histories or even so much as a traffic citation, were driving south on Highway 101. They weren’t aware that they were being followed by […]

To Plea or Not To Plea

Douglas Scott Hirscher, the man involved in the deadly four-car accident on Highway 128 near Yorkville on December 1, 2002, has pled no contest to vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident where there has been a death, resolving the case short of a trial. Sentencing is set for Friday, October 10 at […]