Naked In The City

Last Saturday about a half dozen naked men came biking down the street towards Golden Gate Park. Two had skimpy jockey shorts on, another had a backpack on, and one had only a hard-on, and I’m happy to report one of them was fat, not young, and not beautiful. In other words, not politically correct […]

Pale Riders At The Golden Gate

On the way back from downtown San Francisco the bus stops at the KFC-squared stop at Geary and Sixth Avenue. Kentucky Fried Chicken on the north side and Kaiser French Campus just across from it. A tall, 60s-ish man wearing a dark blue t-shirt is crossing the Geary from Kaiser hospital side, limping along with […]

Going Downtown

This morning on the 38 Geary inbound in San Francisco a woman, head down reading a book, was wearing a black velvet floppy hat with a button that had a message. Dear Jesus, it began. Immediately I was disgusted as I often am, that a place as progressive as this city could have so many […]

Madrid & The Atocha Station Memorial

I went to Spain at the end of last summer, spending most of the time in Madrid, a fabulous city despite patches of air pollution. There’s a large park, Retiro, comparable to Golden Gate Park with gardens, statues, artists and musicians. Madrilenos in large numbers enjoy themselves in Retiro on weekends. There’s a statue located […]

A 70′s Story of a House: Radical Roomers

In 1970 editor Dwight Macdonald in Tales of Hoffman referred to the 1969 trial of the Chicago Eight as “the most significant kulturekampf of our time.” The Tales book was essentially a copy of the trial transcript. The defendants in the trial included Abbie Hoffman, David Dellinger, Bobby Seale and Jerry Rubin, all accused by […]