9-11 Reflections (September 18, 2002)

I watched a fair amount of the mainstream media coverage of the first anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy, and was deeply troubled by much of what I heard and saw. I had hoped that there would have been more objective and honest reflection on what brought 19 people to the point where they felt that […]

More Reasons to Hate PG&E—Sometimes

(Lakeport) — It may seem like going after low-hanging fruit to take a shot at PG&E these days, but there is an aspect of their multi-faceted failures that isn’t being talked about much, other than  usually just repeating the talking points coming from PG&E. I’m not an expert on how PG&E maintains the vegetation around […]

Three Strikes Statistic (March 19, 2003)

On the face of it, Hill Road correctional facility inmate Kenton Kor seems to be the kind of career criminal the three strikes law was designed to keep behind bars. In and out of jail and state prison for the last 25 five years, Kor is now being held on a charge that could send […]

How I Got Fired From KPFZ

Part 2: The Inquisition  Now the dies were cast — I was out of the station and forever labeled a white supremacist/misogynist. There was of course the usual ritual finger-wagging session scheduled with the programming committee, which had been whittled-down to four members this time with the unexpected and unexplained forced departure of one of […]

How I Got Fired From KPFZ

Part 1: The Descent “Oh boy, you’ve really done it this time”, I thought to myself as I walked down the darkened hallway to the back door of the KPFZ’s Lakeport studio. I had just finished my regular hour-long Monday evening shift, and was also certain I had just ended my job as a programmer. […]

The Uglification of Lakeport (May 18, 2005)

On paper, the city of Lakeport should have a picturesque quality that makes its citizens proud and neighboring towns envious. In reality, Lakeport is a textbook example of how terribly wrong the design of a town can become when the people running it are lacking both the art and common sense chromosomes. Lack of planning […]

How Not To Grow Pot

“Oh crap,” I thought to myself as my old pickup truck rattled to a stop in front of the barn, “This ain’t good.” It was early morning on November 2nd, 2015, and the reason for my alarm was that the barn door was wide open and the lock was laying on the ground-there had obviously […]

Lake County’s Summer Of Pain

There has never been a summer of wildfires like the one residents of Lake County endured in 2015, both in number and in size. It began with the July 29th Rocky fire, which burned 69,438 acres and destroyed 43 homes. It was followed by the August 9th Jerusalem fire, which burned 25,118 acres, and the […]

Lakeport City Council Race 2005

No less than five candidates are vying for the one seat that has opened on the Lakeport city council due to the untimely demise of council member Dick Lampkin late last year. This stands in stark contrast to the fall election, when only incumbent Lampkin ran for the job, and the two other council slots […]

Newspaper Politics in a Small Town

One thing people never seem to get tired of is wondering what evil forces are at work behind the scenes that shape the reporting of local news events in our village newspapers. Any controversial subject that finds its way into print usually generates a rumor that someone down at the paper (any paper) has an […]