US Entrepreneurs Drool Over Cuba

“We have the opportunity to increase the likelihood that Cuban people have greater liberties and freedom with the ability to connect with them,” said sponsor Jerry Moran, a [Senate] Republican. “I also would say that as Americans we have certain freedoms that we cherish, and Americans can travel around the globe today without exception – […]

Something’s Amok At The SF Mime Troupe

On August 10, two theatre people on the Board of Directors of The SF Mime Troupe –Joel Schechter and I resigned.  Prior to that four others – long time Board Members — also resigned in April 2015 Is this some sort of indication that things are spiraling down or are they spiraling up? A non-profit […]

Three Memorials

In recent months a number of deaths and obituaries seem similar however with a deeper reading there are crossovers and differences that are part of the obituary formality. The recent death of Al Davis, and Steve Jobs is both intrigueing and revealing, their obituaries are similar. Both made fortunes in different ways but Jobs was […]

Propaganda v. Propaganda

Comments on the Oliver Stone film “South of the Bor­der” accompanied by a Carmen Miranda tune, at Berkley’s Elmwood Theatre, July 17, 2011, with econo­mist and scriptwriter Mark Weisbrot (with Tariq Ali-in the film) fielding questions. The film originated when Oliver Stone decided to interview Hugo Chavez to counter the general distortions in the US […]

Johnny Carson & Dick Cavett

At the end of Fred Gardner’s reissued 1992 article Johnny Carson’s story (AVA Jan 26, 2005) there is mention of a number of writers who provided material for Johnny. “It was a great period for me,” says Marshall [Brickman] who stayed through 1970. “The place was full of energy. The writers were divided into two […]