Committee Implodes, Takes Down Newbie

It crept out of the shadows like a slime thing and presented itself at the Fort Bragg city council meeting wrapped in ambiguity. It was a little plot, a one-man power grab. It was ugly but a little silly, certainly not a threat, and no problem for the City Council. They disposed of it with […]

Justice for Shy People

One thing in life that you can really count on — government. The representatives and administrators that watch over us here in Fort Bragg are empowered specifically to keep us from harm. That’s their gig. Let us reflect that harm might come unexpectedly from accident or adversity or it might be something we inflict on […]

Death by Secret Subcommittee

On a Wednesday afternoon, Town Hall was empty except for the seven members of the City Council-appointed ad hoc California Voting Rights Act Committee. And one guy in the chairs who had no plans for his afternoon. This guy was asked to remain quiet and did.  Then, in a radical shake-up, newby Councilperson, Tess Albin-Smith, […]

Food Trucks Yes, Fiscal Sanity No

The March 11 Fort Bragg City Council meeting was a two-act drama, first about power, then about money. In Act One, the Council confronted power, specifically their own.  In Act Two, money confronted them. It is a fair takeaway to say that City Council credibility hit the sidewalk like an egg dropped from a high-rise. […]

Human Trafficking Saves Old Coast Café

Human trafficking does not depend on guns and muscles. Usually, it works by threats. Sylvia knew from the time she was a kid that she was an American citizen. Her father was born in the US. Even in the years when her American father and her Hispanic mother were living in Tijuana, they hung on […]

Fort Bragg Notes (Feb. 13, 2019)

The relatively new Fort Bragg City Attorney for our tiny metropolis is Russell Hildebrand of the formidable law firm Jones and Meyers. He now lives in Texas and does his work for the city by remote.  The location of Hildebrand’s new digs, I was informed somewhat reluctantly, is a suburb of Houston. City Hall declined […]

Court Ruling: Homeless Camp Alternative?

In the half-dozen homeless camps on the outskirts of Fort Bragg there were no fires on Christmas Eve. Any light might attract the attention of the cops. The raids come without warning, in intermittent unannounced assaults, cops and backhoes, teams of publicly-funded helping agencies, and batteries of dumpsters, all of it coordinated by the City […]

Consultant to Check Fort Bragg’s Tax Receipts

Mayor Lindy Peters and Councilman Will Lee are generally on the same page. The great love of Mayor Peters’ life is to wield convivial authority. This works well with Councilman Lee’s genetic instinct to enthusiastically endorse authority wherever it welcomes him. Mr. Lee has discovered a remunerative life calling as an apologist and booster for […]

Fort Bragg Winter Shelter DOA

The Fort Bragg City Council met Monday night November 26, in a sparsely attended hall. The usual suspects were back in their big padded seats grinning broadly. The quiet little city was tucked into bed watching on the internet. The few citizens in attendance came for the show whatever it was to be, and theater […]

Patterson Cashes In

City Of Fort Bragg Settles CVRA Claim — The City, the Coast Committee for Responsive Representation (Committee) and Jacob Patterson executed a Settlement Agreement late on October 10, 2018. The Committee rescinded its May 24th letter alleging a violation of the California Voting Rights Act of 2001 (CVRA); agreed to not file, assert or bring […]

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