A ‘Greek Tragedy’?

The Monday night Fort Bragg City Council meeting had the mysterious inevitability of a Greek tragedy. All the players were trapped in their political identities. All of them did their expected thing and strangely, by a kind of gravitational pull, the obvious became significant. Behold Tabatha Miller, the Fort Bragg City manager, a heroine brought […]

The Noyo Center Gang

Out of power, booted from office and massively discredited by a $3 million dollar cash misallocation and a brazen cover-up, the old guard from ex-City Manager Linda Ruffing’s discredited City Council showed up Monday night to lead an orchestrated flashmob demanding continued funding for their special “happy place” — even if the city goes broke […]

The Fort Bragg Mill Site: The ‘Big Fail’

I feel like one of those guys you used to see in a robe with a sandwich sign saying “The end is near.” I go from meeting to meeting, article to article, blowing my little horn and the busy world just moves around me. I keep on asking the question and our elected representatives keep […]

We Are the Hollow Men, Headpieces Stuffed with Straw

Absolutely nobody in Mendocino County’s fourth District expects anything from Supervisor (Silent Dan) Gjerde. Honey Bear don’t care. That’s how he rolls. Dan Gjerde is as close to “nothing” as a politician can get. For Silent Dan, “nothing” is NOT an accident. It is not an omission — and it is not anything as innocent […]

Fort Bragg Goes Dark

When I got into the city on Monday morning, winds were blowing straight at massive fires at 93 miles-an-hour. I was hearing rumblings about 30,000 acres burned, Windsor and Healdsburg

Becoming a Non-Person

It’s a strange new world when the Mayor of Fort Bragg takes a page from the Trump playbook. The Press Is The Enemy Of The People blasts Mayor Will Lee. Not all the press — only the part that disagrees with him. The Donald Tweets; Will Lee posts. I’ve been snubbed before, but to hear […]

Saturday Morning at the Sell-Out

Saturday morning, bright and early in sleepy Fort Bragg, while most people went to breakfast or cleaned up the beaches or had coffee with their families (unbeknownst to the innocent) downtown at Town Hall the new mill site property tycoons were appearing before the Planning Commission in joint session with the Fort Bragg City Council […]

Mill Site Blues

At 6 o’clock last Thursday evening, the worried and the merely confused converged on Fort Bragg Town Hall to hear the “Noyo Consortium” explain their long prepared alternative vision for the Georgia Pacific mill site. The evening was a long-prepared direct attack on the City Council’s proposed zoning mega-plan and the bargain basement sell-off of […]

Just In from Fort Bragg

The City Council and the Fort Bragg City Manager are not talking. The “why” is not for the peasants to know but the political landscape of the city has been shattered in a good way. An official explanation would be more than we deserve. Marie Jones, the swaggering dominatrix of city political spin and former […]

The Mayor Will Lee Show

It was the Academy Awards without movies, it was the Emmys without music, it was the most fabulous City Council meeting EVER — with a big fat cake and plenty of coffee. Fort Bragg Mayor Will Lee was the “Grand Presenter,” preeminent community booster, and star of the evening. It was the first time the […]

Rock the Hall

Out on the streets of Fort Bragg, a food truck entrepreneur was starting to go for it. Kerry Jane DeVito, who started the food truck “Renaissance” back in March with Councilman Bernie Norvell’s strong behind-the-scenes backing, has been parking her incredibly cute little blue food trailer right in front of the Fort Bragg Credit Union […]

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