Dirt Bike Pastoral (Bushansky strikes again)

It was the snow job from hell, right in Fort Bragg’s own elegant and spacious Cotton Auditorium. Smack in the public’s astonished face without wit or imagination, the Mendocino Parks and Recreation District took the occasion Thursday night to hurtle like an Olympic bobsled down a precipitous slope of crazed dissimilation, shattering all records for […]

Ft. Bragg City Council Pans Mill Ponds

Echos and murmurs of the deliberations of government come down to us in bits and pieces. We trust our elected representatives to guard our interests and protect us from the arbitrary abuse of power. We hold the City Council responsible every couple of years. If we are attentive, we know what they decide, but the […]

Marie Jones 3, Fort Bragg 0

Highway One north to Fort Bragg was maxed out Monday at 8:00am in one interminable line of hell-bent traffic while peaceful fog rolled over the city. The commuter stream, heavy pickups predominating, whipped past the turnaround without mercy. The combatants were charging the week. Down at City Hall factions were in hurried realignment. Mayor Lindy […]

Cowboy Cal Indicts Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg has a lot to talk about, but across our town, discussion was muted, dark. In coffee houses and on street benches, locals were shaking their heads and discounting the evidence of their perceptions. Last Monday night’s City Council Meeting had wafted through the motions without ever quite touching reality. The Council endorsed Measure […]

The Worst Ever

Wednesday the Fort Bragg City Council came together for their regular meeting bi-weekly meeting. I thought it would be packed and angry. I was wrong about that. Two weeks ago unemployed newbie lawyer Jacob Patterson threw a bomb at the City Council and basically blew fair and free democracy in our little town right to […]

Here It Comes

We have always loved our City Council. We know they are flawed but they have always been a big part of what makes life gracious in our little city — the freedom to build our lives with our own hands, to work, to create, to raise our kids in wholesome (mostly) surroundings. They sincerely work […]

Just In From Fort Bragg

Politically in Fort Bragg, the proverbial rubber is meeting a hot tar road. The big boxes are coming to Hare Creek. Georgia Pacific is running hard to disengage from the mill site cleanup. The Planning Commission is a continuing public embarrassment, and the Fort Bragg City Council can’t seem to get a grip on any […]

Mea Culpa

The Monday Morning Meeting With The Mayor (MMMM) just did not work out for me. The Mayor informed me by email of the error of my ways. “The Monday morning meeting with the mayor was never intended to be a press conference. You somehow fail to grasp that,” boomed Mayor Lindy Peters.

Don’t Break The City Manager

On Monday Morning Mayor Lindy Peters was plucked up for jury duty. Our shiny new City Manager Tabatha Miller graciously stood in for him at the informal morning meeting. There was an hour’s notice that Ms. Miller would conduct the meeting. Whamo, the (small) conference room at City Hall, was packed. People were standing and […]

Closed to the Press

In the local uproar over the Friends of the NRA fundraiser in Fort Bragg, tickets went like wildfire. I had intended to simply buy a $60 dinner and watch from a ringside seat. I really did not know what I would think of it all. I am searching my soul and had no clue what […]

Deal Or No Deal?

If you are worried about the dioxins out on the mill site, you should be. Mayor Lindy Peters has conceded that neither he nor the City Council had the time or got paid enough to be able to keep up with all the meetings that the administration seemed to be having regarding what to do […]