Fort Bragg Winter Shelter DOA

The Fort Bragg City Council met Monday night November 26, in a sparsely attended hall. The usual suspects were back in their big padded seats grinning broadly. The quiet little city was tucked into bed watching on the internet. The few citizens in attendance came for the show whatever it was to be, and theater […]

Patterson Cashes In

City Of Fort Bragg Settles CVRA Claim — The City, the Coast Committee for Responsive Representation (Committee) and Jacob Patterson executed a Settlement Agreement late on October 10, 2018. The Committee rescinded its May 24th letter alleging a violation of the California Voting Rights Act of 2001 (CVRA); agreed to not file, assert or bring […]

The First Stonewall

On a fine Fort Bragg autumn morning, the very day of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors candidates forum at the senior center, I swung by the hospital to ask for the budget. I thought it would be simple. In my innocence, I assumed that the hospital would provide any candidate any information […]

The Big Week

This is a mighty week for politics in Fort Bragg. Bright and early Monday morning the conference room in City Hall was packed with officials. The City Attorney and Councilmen were leaning forward to wrestle with Jacob Patterson about the CVRA (California Voting Rights Act) lawsuit he’s holding over Fort Bragg’s head. Patterson looked like […]

The Cost Of Resistance

The City Council met in regular session Monday night and gloriously stole their own show, but there was more to it than met the eye.

Town Hall was packed, not the standing-room-only that often distinguishes our small, vibrant democracy, but there was a respectable turnout. In little Fort Bragg, a city of 7,000 residents, Council meetings are routinely attended by crowds far exceeding the who-cares-let-it-happen emptiness one ordinarily observes in the meetings of the County Board of Supervisors representing 80,000 constituents.

Miss Smith’s Finest Hour

The City Council meeting met Monday night in Fort Bragg’s Townhall was packed. I am always amazed at how much is revealed by intention or by omission at City Council meetings. Whatever they intend to do or try to hide, the focus of political pressures in the formality of democratic ritual tends strongly to strip […]

Redistricting Fort Bragg

Monday night, July 9, on a breezy summer evening the terminally endangered Fort Bragg City Council met again in regular session to conduct a public hearing on their own extinction under the pending California Voting Rights Act districting plan. It is traditional that the City Council’s expression of urgency is inversely proportional to the seriousness […]

Dirt Bike Pastoral (Bushansky strikes again)

It was the snow job from hell, right in Fort Bragg’s own elegant and spacious Cotton Auditorium. Smack in the public’s astonished face without wit or imagination, the Mendocino Parks and Recreation District took the occasion Thursday night to hurtle like an Olympic bobsled down a precipitous slope of crazed dissimilation, shattering all records for […]

Ft. Bragg City Council Pans Mill Ponds

Echos and murmurs of the deliberations of government come down to us in bits and pieces. We trust our elected representatives to guard our interests and protect us from the arbitrary abuse of power. We hold the City Council responsible every couple of years. If we are attentive, we know what they decide, but the […]

Cowboy Cal Indicts Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg has a lot to talk about, but across our town, discussion was muted, dark. In coffee houses and on street benches, locals were shaking their heads and discounting the evidence of their perceptions. Last Monday night’s City Council Meeting had wafted through the motions without ever quite touching reality. The Council endorsed Measure […]

The Worst Ever

Wednesday the Fort Bragg City Council came together for their regular meeting bi-weekly meeting. I thought it would be packed and angry. I was wrong about that. Two weeks ago unemployed newbie lawyer Jacob Patterson threw a bomb at the City Council and basically blew fair and free democracy in our little town right to […]