Deal Or No Deal?

If you are worried about the dioxins out on the mill site, you should be. Mayor Lindy Peters has conceded that neither he nor the City Council had the time or got paid enough to be able to keep up with all the meetings that the administration seemed to be having regarding what to do […]

The End of the Ruffing Reign

The forced retirement of Linda Ruffing, the long time Fort Bragg City Manager, becomes, at long last a reality at Monday night’s City Council meeting. Tabatha Miller, Administrative Director from Havasu City, Arizona, has been hired to replace her. The meeting begins at 6pm. The regular meeting will be preceded by a 5pm reception in […]

Mutiny at Government TV

Last week as Linda Ruffing was packing up her stuff preparing to leave office on February 15, one pet project the PEG (Public/Education/Government) channel (Channel 3) imploded in a hurricane of bizarre allegations and weird inaccuracies. “Scott Schneider is a thief, and Linda Ruffing is a liar,” thundered Mendocino TV’s Terry Vaughn. Vaughn has been […]

G-P Mill Ponds Will Remain Toxic

Taylor Champion, an executive for the Koch brothers’ subsidiary Georgia Pacific, enlivened Fort Bragg’s wait for the fate of the old mill site with a zinger of a letter to Mayor Lindy Peters. Champion laid it out plainly. GP is done with clean up. The mill ponds can remain the way they are. Champion informed […]

The Women’s March In Fort Bragg

In two interesting political days not quite a week apart, MLK Day and the Women’s March, you could watch Fort Bragg people rise like the first shoots of political springtime, smelling sweetly of serious commitment to shared ideals. The Women’s March on Saturday was pushing back at the current federal administration, pushing back at its […]

Fort Bragg Planners Opt For…

The Fort Bragg Planning Commission found out who they really work for last week. (Spoiler Alert: It ain’t you.) The Fort Bragg Planning Commission met Wednesday night to give the ax to the last remaining structure on the Mill site. Unless the matter is appealed in 10 days the last structure on the mill site, […]

Save The Dry Sheds!

Friday afternoon at the tail end of the first sleepy week of the new year, just as the last members of the holiday skeleton crew at Town Hall were packing it in, suddenly laptops and mobile devices lit up across town with notification that the City of Fort Bragg Administration was once more pushing the […]

Branding Fort Bragg

The Fort Bragg City Council met at Town Hall last Monday night in another meeting running to the legal maximum of 10pm. From the outset, it looked ominously like it was going to be a long meeting but, in spite of the dense agenda, there was a curious buoyancy. There is something so inherently upbeat […]

Fort Bragg & The Mill Site

On a brisk and wintery Fort Bragg morning November 27, walking down to city hall, for the Mayor’s open meeting I had the whimsical notion how odd it was that that the little town looked so quiet after the departure of the tourists and yet contained behind those closed doors such a vigorous hammering out […]

Fort Bragg Ad Hoc Committee Goes Dark

I showed up Friday afternoon at the Hostility Center (Old Coast Hotel) down on Franklin Street looking for a story. I wanted to ask what Hospitality Center knew about this year’s Emergency Winter Shelter. The Shelter in Fort Bragg under changing management and precarious funding for has always provided a roof for the unsheltered in […]

Giant Grant Score for Parents & Friends

The Fort Bragg City Council met October 23, in a fast-moving session that gave away $3 million bucks to the richest not for profit in the city instead of putting money into your long neglected and ancient sewer and water system. They had a clear choice.They knew the facts. You might even say it was […]