Save The Dry Sheds!

Friday afternoon at the tail end of the first sleepy week of the new year, just as the last members of the holiday skeleton crew at Town Hall were packing it in, suddenly laptops and mobile devices lit up across town with notification that the City of Fort Bragg Administration was once more pushing the […]

Branding Fort Bragg

The Fort Bragg City Council met at Town Hall last Monday night in another meeting running to the legal maximum of 10pm. From the outset, it looked ominously like it was going to be a long meeting but, in spite of the dense agenda, there was a curious buoyancy. There is something so inherently upbeat […]

Fort Bragg & The Mill Site

On a brisk and wintery Fort Bragg morning November 27, walking down to city hall, for the Mayor’s open meeting I had the whimsical notion how odd it was that that the little town looked so quiet after the departure of the tourists and yet contained behind those closed doors such a vigorous hammering out […]

Fort Bragg Ad Hoc Committee Goes Dark

I showed up Friday afternoon at the Hostility Center (Old Coast Hotel) down on Franklin Street looking for a story. I wanted to ask what Hospitality Center knew about this year’s Emergency Winter Shelter. The Shelter in Fort Bragg under changing management and precarious funding for has always provided a roof for the unsheltered in […]

Giant Grant Score for Parents & Friends

The Fort Bragg City Council met October 23, in a fast-moving session that gave away $3 million bucks to the richest not for profit in the city instead of putting money into your long neglected and ancient sewer and water system. They had a clear choice.They knew the facts. You might even say it was […]

Friction & Heat

Next Monday at their regular meeting the Fort Bragg City Council will consider a resolution adopting a Code of Civility as a new permanent feature of our local city government. For those who have not seen lame duck City Manager Linda Ruffing’s astonishing Orwellian giant projection screen that now descends from the ceiling of town […]

We Do Not Rejoice

The City of Fort Bragg and the world were memorializing genocide on the Monday (Columbus Day) normally set appointed for the bi-weekly meeting. So the City Council met Tuesday. There were seven (7) people in attendance. By the time the Humane Society Director Chuck Tourtillott finished up his annual report on the animal shelter, attendance […]

City Planning Workshop Goes In A Circle

Friday Morning bright and early at 8:30 am there were 13 people in attendance at the Annual City Planning Workshop at Town Hall. Nine of them worked for the city. The preponderance of chiefs in comparison to the paucity of Indians inspired the city administration to dispense with the formal arrangement of tables and put […]

Fort Bragg’s Civility Code

Fort Bragg’s Monday evening City Council meeting started off as a dazzling affair. It ended up in a shocking true life confession of the lust for power. Beats any soap opera going. The meeting began at 6:00 as usual, but from 5:00 on, the insiders had been conducting a celebration for Fort Bragg’s volunteers. When […]

Big Idea Day

All day last Saturday, like the gladiator that she is, Marie Jones, Development Director for the City of Fort Bragg, conducted a public participation workshop on the old G-P mill site at the Starr Aquatic Center. A repeat performance at Town Hall is coming right up tonight, Thursday, September 21. The workshops are funded by a […]

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