Coast Emergency

The emergency room is a place that by definition you don’t want to go to. A week or so ago, I was stricken with food poisoning or something heinous and mysterious. I was taken (first time in one) in an ambulance to this place that stands for desperation. For those of you who want to […]

Fort Bragg, As 2016 Winds Down

Over the weekend the rains were heavy. The Noyo River on which I live ran very high and strong. I thought it might be too much, but the raising water stopped short of overflowing the banks. Just. North of town however, the dam across Pudding Creek overflowed in a spectacular cataract clearly visible to the […]

Our Dying Ocean

Kelp forests are the most complex and abundant ecosystems on earth, exceeding when they are healthy even tropical rain forests in both the diversity of species and the abundance of individuals. Enormous kelp forests once extended the length of the pacific coast to Alaska stretching out as much as three miles into the ocean. The little fish hide, the big fish lurk and the total ecosystem is extraordinarily diverse complicated and abundant. A kelp forest is a biological miracle.

Meanwhile In Fort Bragg

I was unable to personally attend the Fort Bragg city council meeting Monday and I missed a hell of a show. Those who follow the city council know that David Gurney, in the face of raw contempt and gratuitous belligerence from the mayor, forced through an obvious and I thought) innocuous reform of council procedure […]

Fort Bragg’s Kung Fu Candidate

Well, the ballots are out and therefore the election is effectively over. Now begins that period of reflection and waiting that may go on for quite a while after the final vote Nov 7, if experience is any guide. The City of Fort Bragg is physically divided at Pine Street between the big fancy houses […]

Fort Bragg Does A Candidate’s Night

I attended the MCTV Fort Bragg candidates’ forum last night as a candidate and there were some interesting developments. Earlier in the day I rode my moped down to the TV studio that Terry and his wife Marianne McGee are putting together by sucking up city money and building a private business with it. I […]

Walking In Tommy’s Shoes

Monday night the Fort Bragg city council approved an interim harbor commissioner to replace Tommy DeAnconia who recently passed. Tommy was indeed a cultured cosmopolitan gentleman who worked incredibly hard and who was doubtless a pillar of the fishing industry. In the harbor he played many roles and wore many hats. He was an intrepid […]

Goodbye Mr. Dietz

Monday night, June 27, 2016 — I believe that it is more than ok to say it like it is in politics. It is essential to an interesting public dialogue that viewpoints be precise and probing even when precision hurts. People have said things about me that I thought to be rather unkind and therefore […]

Fort Bragg

The city council met Monday and the city was subjected to a nuclear option power play by Linda Ruffing and the city machine. They played it to a packed house of preordered supporters, mainly social services servitors and functionaries, with a few blind to the facts advocates of authoritarian machine politics. The place was packed. […]

Fort Bragg Politics

At the last Fort Bragg city council meeting I apparently called Scott Dietz our esteemed councilman a criminal. The following day he confronted me with this at the public works committee meeting, which I was barely attending while looking into the process of video taping all committee meetings. I was just there. Surely I said […]

Fort Bragg As It Is

I remember with nostalgia the days when the city council meetings were unattended. If you were the only person at a meeting, or there with a few other people, you had opportunity to objectively weigh the reason for being there against the inevitable boredom and discouragement . You can damn bet the city council shares […]