Laura’s Law & Chemical Lobotomies

It’s extremely unlikely that having a Laura’s Law mental health program in Mendocino County would have prevented the shockingly tragic murders of Fort Bragg City Council member Jere Melo and the Mendocino Land Trust’s Matthew Coleman. Purportedly their assailant, Aaron Bassler, was afflicted with some form of serious mental illness, possibly schizophrenia. Nor would Laura’s […]

The Good, the Bad, and Fort Bragg’s Dan Gjerde

About 60 Fort Bragg voters attended the one-and-only Fort Bragg City Council candidates’ forum two weeks ago. A dozen or so attendees exited Town Hall half way through the local League of Women Voters’ two hours of semi-censored written questions collected from the audience. A comment from a home viewer of the televised event summed […]

Melo’s Lap Dog

At my house, all talk of Fort Bragg politics is forced to a halt when the noon whistle blows. Out-of-town guests unfamiliar with the ambiance of living in a company mill town have been known to dive for cover under the kitchen table in alarm over the ear-blasting siren. Our mutt-dog adds to the disruption […]

Golf Course vs Drinking Water

If the Fort Bragg Advocate News’ and City Council member Lindy Peters’ inept attempts to assassinate the characters of Fort Bragg City Hall staff, and Council members Michele White and Vince Benedetti these last three weeks weren’t so tragically pathetic, their bungling of the job would be kinda funny.  It was truly a hoot, however, […]

Fort Bragg Water Theft

With less than three minutes of deliberation on January 10th, the five-member Mendocino Coast Recreation and Park District Board certified the Environmental Impact Report to allow construction of its $7-10 million dollar 187-acre 18-hole golf course to begin — directly on top of all the area that supplies half of the drinking water to the […]

Out to Get DA Vroman

Monday before last the lead Mendocino Environment Center human rights activist, Linda McClure, hosted a KZYX call-in talk show with two 16-year-old females as her guests. One young woman had been raped at a party near Lake Mendocino a year ago. The other was her friend who had witnessed the unhappy episode and perhaps had […]

Banker Dunham as Metaphor

Banker Norman Clow takes a bit of umbrage at Part I of “Fort Bragg Fires” where the AVA outlined Savings Bank Manager Bill Dunham’s predatory acquisition of the Cliff House Restaurant. Dunham arranged a $400,000 loan for Jim West on a property valued at around $200,000. $235,000 of this loan was used to purchase a […]

The City of Fort Bragg is Bankrupt

Reading the City of Fort Bragg’s annual budget package each June for the past seven years has been like trying to divine meaning from goat entrails. Questions about the City’s financial status have been asked many, many times in recent years by several concerned residents including Dan Gjerde, Michele White and Vince Benedetti all of […]

Tears, Circles and Other Water Sources

Even though the March 18th discussion and action on the County’s policy for a water requirement for a single family dwelling building permit was timed for an 11:30 hearing, Mendocino County Board of Supervisors Chair Charles Peterson reset it for late in the afternoon. Actively circulating amongst staff, waiting for the morning hearing, was an […]