William Faulkner, Beth Bosk & Political Correctness

Because I have been a recluse for the most part of the last 25 years, if my name rings a bell with anybody, it’s probably because of my occasional AVA byline. My stuff has two or three times been sidebars to Bruce’s righteously over-the-top stories on child abuse, Fort Bragg’s one-story-too-tall motel, or crank houses […]

The End of Silence

We ended last week’s article on the Valley’s home-grown methamphetamine video by suggesting that Anderson Valley could very well have been the starting-out place for hundreds of notable Americans, whose greatness could be traced to similarly rural, similarly limited surroundings: Lincoln, for example, and Mark Twain. With all their dreams of social justice and literary […]

A Slow Goodbye to Our Pestilence?

When Anderson Valley’s 12 and 13-year-old daughters get sexually violated by some cranked-up, cretinous drug dealer, I don’t think today’s father gets nearly as outraged as did fathers of 50 years ago. I draw this inference from having seen a riveting Boonville-made 58-minute video, a project inspired in part by the historic “meeting of outrage,” […]


When I worked for the American Petroleum Institute (the AMA of Big Oil) I was asked to evaluate a “documentary” on the smog in Los Angeles, which opened with a shot of a diorama of what the LA basin looked like before “civilization came.” Here and there different Indian tribes were gathered around campfires, with […]