Why Barry Melton Hates Norm Vroman

Ukiah public defender Barry “The Fish” Melton sent press releases to all Mendo County news media this week misrepresenting District Attorney candidate Norm Vroman’s past troubles with the IRS. KZYX Program manager Teresa Simon read Melton’s libelous statements on the air. Vroman responded by describing Melton’s summary of Vroman’s long, and ultimately losing, battle with […]

Brooktrails Buyers Beware!

Deerwood Corporation is running a sleazy real estate scam, targeting unsuspecting Bay Area immigrants by selling them undeveloped lots in Brooktrails at hugely inflated prices. The Bay Area buyers, targeted by an expensive advertising campaign, are brought up to the subdivision adjacent to Willits on chartered busses, and real estate magnate Tom Porter keeps them […]

Who is Alicia Littletree?

I keep seeing her name at all these environmental/political events. “Tribute to Judi Bari: Join Dolores Huerta, Utah Phillips, Alicia Littletree and more.” O.K. I know who Dolores Huerta and Utah Phillips are, but WHO is Alicia Littletree? Is that so much to ask? (and is that her REAL name?) So I called Ms. Littletree […]