The Beheading Video

Upon hearing of the beheading of Philadelphia “contractor” Nicolas Berg in Iraq by self-proclaimed al Qaeda operatives, I searched the internet for articles on the incident. I found over a hundred news reports, most of them reporting the same thing from the same angle. A few had still photos of the victim and of his […]

Career Journalists

One of today’s prevailing myths is that the American media has a liberal bias, that it is a press fueled by left ideology. Leftists, of course, disagree with this notion, claiming that the media is right wing and that those who have the most influence in the press are also right wing. While both camps […]


The end of May saw another school yard shooting. Fifteen year-old Thomas Solomon, Jr., “a quiet, churchgoing Boy Scout,” marched into his Conyer, Georgia school and popped off a dozen or so rounds from a rifle, injuring a handful of his schoolmates. It’s reported that unlike Oregon’s Kip Kinkle or Colorado’s Eric Harris and Dylan […]